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Info on the waterski lake behind the mayan watersport complex on playa del carmen

jcwaterskiparadisejcwaterskiparadise Posts: 3 New Baller
Hello ballers, as a belgian waterski coach, i am always looking for vacation waterski trips for my members here in belgium, in the middle of the winter. I saw on google maps a waterski lake with a boat, close to the mayan watersport complex. I saw also a discussion title on this subject long time ago, here. Impossible to have a contact person or a email adress to organize something. Some of you guys get some info on the place? It's still a boat running on the lake and who is operating it, or the thing is shut down...


  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 787 Mega Baller
    We tried to get info on the site thru the MWSC and they would respond but it was rather cryptic. We got reports from another baller that the course was not maintained and the lake wasn't ski-able about a year ago.
  • jayskijayski Posts: 997 Mega Baller
    Do not waste your time, was there for two weeks last year, had to get the boat out of the shed, had to get the boat running, had to install a slalom course, (not very accurate but we were skiing), the friend I was with had to bring a few buoys to actually have a course and had to find random buoys in the bush/shed/wherever, had to get fuel for the boat when needed a few miles down the road, had to launch and load the boat everyday, which we had to track down the only truck they have from the workers every morn, the display went on the boat last couple days left so we were hand driving and using our phones GPS to try to keep a steady speed, it was super windy everyday and we had backhoes taking rock from the lake and creating vertical shorelines, so we had regular rollers plus backhoe bucket rollers.

    the place could be AMAZING but they could care less, it was good to ski, but with all the effort it would of probably been easier to drive to Cancun and ski there, the most positive thing out of it was the was a daily adventure..
  • jcwaterskiparadisejcwaterskiparadise Posts: 3 New Baller
    Rawski and jayski, thanks for the info. Too bad it's seems so hard to organize something there, the region looks awesome, lots of things to do...but the priority is still to get good conditions of waterski in the winter...
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