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OffCourse™ Business Partner Wanted.

ErikBerghillerErikBerghiller Posts: 89 Solid Baller

Hi Ballers!

It’s been four years since I started developing the extremely portable water ski slalom course, the OffCourse™.
This fall it finally hit the market! The first batch sold out quickly and half the second batch is already reserved and currently in production. I could not be more thrilled!

However, running a business in the US from Sweden comes with some challenges.  

So, to be able to meet the demand comes spring I’m looking for a business partner in the US to better handle customer service, sales and logistics.

Whether you have a business in place or not, I am all ears and open for collabs.

Interested in being a part of changing this sport for the better?

Reach out at: [email protected]

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