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2010 Prostar - whats the wake like

LK_skierLK_skier Posts: 57 Baller
Hi all
Looking for reviews of a 2010 model prostar - slalom wash at longer lines - I have read it can be a little big? or hard?? when does it start to improve? And is it "that" bad? For reference I skied behind the current shape TXI and I found that thing to be horrible at long line. Kids are at 28/26 mph - but improving so fast that they won't stay there long. I do ski with a few people that ski slow and long line. And what is it like at 34mph 22/28 off - that's where I ski mostly with hope of running the odd 32 soon


  • vtjcvtjc Posts: 277 Solid Baller
    edited December 2020
    Same hull 2003-13 (01-02 similar)
    See this thread:

    A History Thread on Prostars:

    I think the evo 190/197 are great boats, the low speed long line length isn’t the only measure of a boat. They are well built, look great and track well.
  • slowslow Posts: 439 Crazy Baller
    The poorest of the big 3 for slalom for that era in my opinion. Love the look of them though
  • ScottScottScottScott Posts: 1,068 Mega Baller
    I skied behind a Prostar I believe was a 2011(?.) I was surprised how good the wake was. It was a pretty shallow lake, which helped, but it was very good at 15 and 22 off, 32mph. I was told it was the last year before they went to the Ilmore. The 1st year of the Ilmore engines had some weight distribution issues that hurt it.
  • LK_skierLK_skier Posts: 57 Baller
    @ScottScott - yeah I heard the same about the Ilmore engines... @vtjc thanks for the links and info - food for thought
  • DryfarmerDryfarmer Posts: 3 New Baller
    I have a 2010 with an Ilmore engine.
    At long lengths and slower speeds the wake can be a bit big.
    The 2014 onwards Pro Star are much better at any speed or length.
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