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1968 Ski Nautique - Project thoughts

immikerowleyimmikerowley Posts: 24 Baller
edited January 5 in Boat Talk
Hi guys.

Want to get opinions from the Ballers.

I can pick up a 68 Ski Nautique for around $500.

It isn't in great condition and not completely original, but I still think could be a great and nostalgic project boat.

I would strip the tower, make a teak platform and then try get the rest of it as close to original as possible.

Question is... what do u guys think am I wasting my time or worth a shot?


  • HortonHorton Posts: 30,191 Administrator
    @immikerowley if you've got the budget I say hell yeah

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  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,555 Mega Baller
    First launch it and drive it and ski it!

    I wouldn't try to restore just use it for 500 bucks if you hate it sell it. Keep the tower!
  • RAWSkiRAWSki Posts: 787 Mega Baller
    Looks awesome. Sell the tower and use the money toward a proper restro. Good luck
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,611 Mega Baller
    Heck yeah, you're halfway there just ditching the tower
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  • slowslow Posts: 439 Crazy Baller
    If you really enjoy restoration do it. From a financial perspective with your labor factored in, it’s a waste of time.
  • KRoundyKRoundy Posts: 492 Crazy Baller
    Awesome! Go for it. If you have questions, go to That site has everything you need to know to take this on and do it yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you for removing that tower.
  • LOTWLOTW Posts: 216 Baller
    Use it as is, after obviously ditching the tower, so that you can get a good idea of everything it's going to need. Then you can decide and you'd only be into it for the 5 bones. It would be a cool boat restored or not but a resto could quickly get out of control.
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  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 3,164 Mega Baller
    Would make a great hot tub!
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • ReallyGottaSkiReallyGottaSki Posts: 218 Baller

    With youtube and research, one can tackle almost anything these days if one has the hutzpah.

    I personally recall one can really sky on trick skis behind a '68. Slalom ski too, land past the whitewater. learns stack fast that way.

    If the hull truly suits your taste, i say go for it. If its a just a distraction from the one you really want, consider passing so you're ready to move fast on it when it shows up, as you have boats.
  • 75Tique75Tique Posts: 153 Solid Baller
    Want to echo what Kevin said. Absolutely get over to CorrectCraftFan. There is a tremendous knowledge base over there and a ton of people with experience on such things. Avoid the facebook sites. Although those guys know an awful lot, pretty much all of it is wrong.
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  • storm34storm34 Posts: 84 Baller
    I'd love to know how that boat ended up in South Africa? Any chance you know more about it's story?
  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 581 Crazy Baller
    +1 for for good info. Also is a great resource for crafting stringers and flooring projects and expert info on glass work and fabrication. Was a huge help to me on my first endeavor. Learned a lot. Keep us posted.
  • Jody_SealJody_Seal Posts: 3,164 Mega Baller
    I bet Mr Ralph himself delivered that boat to that part of the world.. probably some sort ministry's program..
    Hobby Boats can be expensive when the hobbyist is limited on their own skill and expertise.

  • cruznskicruznski Posts: 132 Baller
    It looks like it is mostly there, I'd say go for it and indeed if you do let us know the progress.
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