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WTB: Radar P6 - 69"

Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 480 Baller
Looking for a 2011-2015 P6. This is the 2nd version of the P6.

I ski a 69" Theory and love it, just want something to keep on the boat for certain times.


  • escmanazeescmanaze Posts: 878 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Well my Dad has one that is probably like a model year 2013 or so. He's not selling it, but I will give you some reassurance that it is a great ski to have as a boat ski for the beginners and stuff.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 480 Baller
    edited January 6
    I had a 2014 that I sold a few years ago, I wish i would have kept it b/c there are some weeks my body is tired and need something that requires less effort.
  • slvrbulitslvrbulit Posts: 221 Baller
    I have a 67" with prime binding and a rtp would that work?
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 480 Baller
    @slvrbulit - thank you! I feel that a 69 would be better - looking for more surface area than my Theory
  • slvrbulitslvrbulit Posts: 221 Baller
    @Ski_Dad ok . Well it's here if you change your mind.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 480 Baller
    still looking. thank you :)
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,424 Mega Baller
    You may do well by checking with @perfski for close outs and such.
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 480 Baller
    I got my original P6 from Performance but those are long gone. It was replaced by Butter Knife is 2016 and Session for 2021 (both are quite a bit better than the P6)
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