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Help selecting a new Ski

I am a 22 year old who just picked up slalom skiing this past summer. Within two days I was able to get 1.5 balls at 30mph so I see myself progressing.
I want to buy myself a new ski for this upcoming summer as I plan to ski a lot. However I don't know much about the different brands as my family has been out of skiing for around fifteen years now and are just getting back into it.
I think the Denali C75 is a very cool ski but I am open to suggestions on where to start brand wise as well as skis that you think would be beginner/intermediate friendly.
I dont want to buy to much of a ski, but also do not want to buy a ski that I will quickly grow out of skill wise.



  • ballsohardballsohard Posts: 451 Crazy Baller
    @YumpR Radar Senate, Radar Vapor, and D3 ION-S are all good choices for your level and interest in the sport.

    I have the D3 and it absolutely shreds yet is still super user friendly.

    @drew will be more than happy to get you dialed in on a D3.
  • Than_BoganThan_Bogan Posts: 6,900 Mega Baller
    I am the world's biggest fan of what Denali is doing, but I think a Denali should probably be your SECOND ski. Ramp up fast on a serious-but-intermediate slalom ski, and then jump on whatever amazing thing the Adams have invented by then!
    Nathaniel Bogan -- GUT Padawan
  • savaiusinisavaiusini Posts: 415 Water Ski Industry Professional
    At your speeds, a ski like the HO Syndicate Omni or Carbon Omni will allow you to progress all the way through mid-shortline at 34 mph. Sure, you could jump right to a full blown tournament ski, but generally these types of skis will highlight deficiencies in your technique and keep you from the more rapid progression you're looking for. @Than_Bogan is dead-on by saying make your second ski a top-end model.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
  • jeblancjeblanc Posts: 18 Baller
    @YumpR I can't recommend the Connelly V enough for someone in your position. It's fast and forgiving, especially when you're learning to ski on a course but also if you spend time just skiing open water. And you can get it new for under $500, with the boots included. Connelly has always provided top-notch customer service for us. It's comparable to the Radar Senate, which I've only heard good things about as well. Good luck
  • ClydesdaleClydesdale Posts: 213 Solid Baller
    Agree Radar Senate or Connelly V. I’ve had a couple senates and the carbon V and loved them all. I do think the carbonV turns a little better. I’ve also heard good things about the HO syndicate Omni. No bad choices in this group.
  • mbabiashmbabiash Posts: 609 Crazy Baller
    Everything Connelly sucks now unless you ski like the maniac Joel Howley. I’ve seen over and over again people at your level succeed on the radar senate. I don’t even ski on a radar but at your level there’s nothing better.
  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 609 Crazy Baller
    start trolling Ski-It-Again. Tons of low cost options that are great skis
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,626 Mega Baller
    The Radar Senate, Ho Omni, and Connelly V are all skis intended for your exact level and, to be very honest, it will be very difficult for you to get good enough that they aren’t good enough. 😎
    My ski partner burns through mid 35 off at 34mph and has only now moved from Senates to a Vapor
  • pregompregom Posts: 327 Baller
    If your budget is in the $2000 range (the price of a new Denali with boots), I would consider spending roughly half of that on a new ski plus boots (one of the many suggested here) and use the rest for ski lessons. Also, I second ski-it-again, it has some excellent lightly used options worth considering.
  • rbuss4rbuss4 Posts: 26 Baller
    Buy a gently used Radar Senate from Ski-It-Again.
  • GarnGarn Posts: 568 Crazy Baller
    I say jump on a Carbon or Syndicate Omni right now and don't look back. It is such a game-changer ski in my opinion. Fast, effortless to ski, easy to get up, turns on a dime, forgiving....just a fantastic ski.
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