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12" White Stickers
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ROBOTROBOT Posts: 337 Administrator
edited February 6 in News & Other Stuff
PIGOSKI SS22 is the second collection that launched in January after a really successful launch from our 2020 collection. We are so grateful for all the support from the Waterski Community.

Waterski culture is, of course, a major inspiration to us. We also like to have a positive mindset and show the community who we truly are. We always try to inspire people to do anything that want to do. Chase your dreams!

In this season we have added an Art Canvas that can be used for your house, at your ski lake or even boathouse. We are always trying to push the envelope in terms of creativity. Our goal is to keep bringing you new products that have been created with love and inspired by WATERSKI.

Thank you so much for supporting the first Waterski related clothing brand!
Check it out and get yours now! We do run low due to high demand, so don’t be left out and get some gear🧡
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