Anyone Ski in Brandon FL ?

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I have moved to Brandon FL and I am looking for convenient ski club/partner to join. I go to Ski Paradise but it's still a drive.
I don't have a boat but I can drive and I can pay $20 a set to share expenses with boat owner. Appreciate your advice



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    I suppose Eden Lake is a similar distance to Ski Paradise, I believe Mc Cormicks is the closest to you.

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    McCormick's is right near you in Seffner. I'm over here in Clearwater and drive out there with my family for sets. Michael is great!
  • TarekTarek Posts: 5
    Yeah I have skied at McCormick with Mike few time but since he only do coaching sets prices $55 it wasn't a good option for me on the long run.
    @MitchellM Is there is any sort of club/membership deals/prices at McCormick that I am not aware of? Appreciate your advice.
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    Travers is probably only an hour from Brandon. You can join the club there and pay a reduced rate. Not sure of exact amount but I think in the 20-25 range/set.
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    I stay in Tampa too and I am looking too! Time to find a lake and start a club it seems if we can get enough people together.
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    Eden Lake is at least 2.5 hours and I believe thr price in the $60+ range. Who are you skiing with at Mulberry? I know they don't have a true ski for a fee plan.
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    @Tarek I don't know of any sort of club/membership deals at McCormick. You would have to speak with Michael directly regarding something like that. I typically ski with my family and book him for 1 hour. We're pretty organized and are able to each get our sets in. We need the coaching, so we feel this is a great value for all of us.
  • TarekTarek Posts: 5
    @ski6 I don't know how that works but I wish we can have a club around here soon!!
    @LeonL I ski with Bill at Mulberry, its an awesome place with 2 lakes and very nice members. There is no club boat there, and since I don't have a boat it's a bit pricey option for me plus the hour drive.
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    Yeah, Bill Martins, suppose. Hard to believe it's more pricey than a ski school.
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    @LeonL yes Bill Martins,he's a great friend and he coached me a lot. It's not as a ski school for sure, around $30/set plus $700 annual membership fees. With the one hour drive it's not very easy and convenient for me that's why looking for more convenient alternatives.
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    One option may be to buy a boat together with some others, and keep it at Ski Paradise.

    I drive by the below Lake often; it would be perfect for a course. But I don’t know who owns it.
    It’s east of highway 301 in Riverview, and just north of Rhodine Rd. There are no boats on this lake.

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    I just moved to Sarasota, and am interested in a club and place to ski. But I am spoiled -- I used to ski with Keith at Lake 38!
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    Sounds like Branden FL needs a ski lake…. Let’s go Brandon.
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    Does anyone what’s going on with Chuck Dees old lake up against the south side of hew 60 in Mulberry? It would be nice to see an old Ski Brendella with a 5 gallon bucket for a seat pulling sets in that lake again. Throw back from 1990 for me.
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    @BrianKennedy91 I believe Frankie lives there.
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    @Tarek - "With the one hour drive it's not very easy and convenient for me that's why looking for more convenient alternatives."

    One hour drive? When I drive from Brandon to Mullberry, it's about 25 minutes...
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  • TarekTarek Posts: 5
    @Roger I am actually in Palm river, 10 mins west of Brandon. I just say Brandon since a lot don't know Palm river.
    If I go to ski paradise in Mulberry early in the morning on weekend it's a good 45 mins, however coming back around noon i hit all traffic lights on 60 and takes more time, an hour and sometimes more.
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