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Radar Session or something else.....???

My wife (57) skis occasionally on a 10 year old HO Freeride. She enjoys it but I would like to get her a more modern ski. She is a 32mph recreational skier and has no desire to ski the course. A friend recommended the Radar Session. There is the HO version, or other Radar options. Suggestions for a great free-skiing ski that is a little lighter and is consistent with the shape that most skis have these days?


  • mike_mapplemike_mapple Posts: 175 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Hey @chipkimball The session and the Terrain (both Radar Skis) are great, they replaced the butterknife and katana, we have seen a lot of people through the shop who really love them. Another option if she is going 32 might be the Union as it is more a traditional shape. From HO, you have the Fusion Freeride, which is a great open water ski, they also offer the OMNI which has multiple versions, but that is a great shape also! Both companies offer great package pricing as well if you are looking for new boots.
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  • chipkimballchipkimball Posts: 18 Baller
    Thank you @mike_mapple. Very helpful. So many can be a bit confusing as to what ski is just right. Thank you again!
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