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ballsohardballsohard Posts: 451 Crazy Baller
I saw a D3 post about this ski.

Coming out March 1st.

What’s it all about?


  • mbabiashmbabiash Posts: 609 Crazy Baller
    I watched Freddie ski on the last few prototypes last November at the boarding school and he looked good on it. Ran 41 easily on it.
  • perfskiperfski Posts: 124 Water Ski Industry Professional
    Here is a summary of information we've received on it.... skis should start shipping Monday! Sounds like this is going to be a great ski! Taking Pre Orders now from this link:

    The NRG R2 has quick rotational turns that are smooth and effortless. The R2 gives you total control when and where to lay into a turn.

    The powerful R2 has improved stability and consistency. We accomplished our goal of maintaining the best attributes of the R1 while at the same refining the ski to match skier demands. The R2 has a deeper concave and tunnel volume compared to either the ION or ION-S. The R2 delivers powerful edge-control, with cross course holding power that is unrivaled. Turns are symmetrical and consistent with tip engagement predictable due to more parallel sidewalls under the front binding.

    The redesigned ski shape and concave means that the ski creates more angle so the R2 is fast through the wakes, with effortless edge change and direction out to the buoy. If you are looking to experience quick, symmetrical turns on both your offside and onside you must experience the NRG R2.

    The R2 wider width profile, compared to ION allows you to ride a shorter ski.

    Team D3 skiers’ comment - “The changes you made to the NRG are prefect. For me, I love the stable feel of the R2. It holds speed well through the buoy and never gets behind you.”

    The NRG R2 features:

    Large sweet spot- 1" more overall compared to R1
    Redesigned rocker results in smoother quick turns
    Deep edge-to-edge concave for powerful hold across course.
    Wide forebody for stability and support.
    Tail shape allows the ski to move in the turn.
    Torsional flex control for precise edge changes and smooth acceleration.
    Machine screw inserts accommodate most current binding systems.
    Accuset Fin Block for laser aligned fin placement
    Sizes - 64", 65", 66", 67" & 68" in Blue / Green
    Sizes - 64", 65" & 66" in Pink

    Here are the updates on the ski and what skiers are saying about the new R2.

    What Test Team Says:

    “stable, predictable, and consistent”
    “the offside turn is fantastic”
    “I like the speed thru the wake, quick edge change and cast out to the buoy”
    “able to create a lot of angle across the wake”
    “holds the turn well”
    “have yet to blow the tail”
    “the ski continues moving out of the buoy”
    “I typically ski a 67”, but this may be the best 66” ski I have ever ridden”
    “very stable in the edge change, pre-turn, and on the back side of the buoy”
    “I create space before the next buoy and make my turn back siding the buoy”
    “no matter what shape I am in, I’m able to keep going”
    “I love how the ski holds the speed at the buoy and does not get behind you”

    R2 Technical Updates – Ski Changes:

    Slightly Narrower Mid-body – mid-body sidewalls more parallel – more predictable with better cast outbound
    Slightly Wider Tail – Frees the tail to move without tail blowout
    Overall – ski rides tip lower compared with R1
    Allows skier to ride on edge in more balanced position.
    Easier for skier to move up over front foot.
    Easier to slow coming into buoy.
    Tip engages easier into turn.
    Smoother / less abrupt
    Rocker (new)

    Larger Sweet Spot – 1” more overall compared to R1
    Less Tail Rocker than R1 – overall ski attitude is flatter with less tip rise
    Less Tip Rocker – allows the front of the ski to engage with more consistency
    Concave (new)

    Change in tunnel radius – reduce ski tension (drag) and unexpected tip bite. Improves speed.
    Bevels (new)

    Consistent bevel width and angle from tip to tail – similar to ION – smooth and predictable
    Slightly rounder at the tail - allows the tail of the ski to smear / slide more through the turn compared to R1.

  • dbaconazdbaconaz Posts: 108 Baller
    can not wait to try it!!!
  • teammalibuteammalibu Posts: 1,066 Mega Baller
    They had me at, smooth and effortless! Sounds like the ski for me!
    Eh, Jay?
    Mike Erb Cedar Ridge Canton Miss.
    Horton is my hero
  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,626 Mega Baller
    Comes out on my birthday? I’m taking this as a sign B) . I loved the few rides I got on the R1
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