Ski suggestions for slow course skiing?

19skier19skier Posts: 112 Baller
I remember never getting hurt at 28/30mph and having a blast getting regular at -32 & making a few -35. I will be slowing the boat down this summer. Your thoughts on skis that would do well at 30mph? Thx. (185#, 6'2" older guy)


  • DockoelbotoDockoelboto Posts: 164 Baller
    I've been learning the course, for me that means going slow, working on form and trying not to get hurt. I've been skiing 28-30mph/15. I've been on the HO Carbon Omni and honestly love it. Very stable, easy to turn, and took me from not able to run the course to routinely making complete passes. Definitely a ski to consider. Syndicate Omni would be another and I'm sure many here would strongly recommend the radar senate. Can't go wrong with these. FYI, I'm 6'4, 195lbs, 44yo.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,973 Mega Baller
    Senate yes great ski.

    But what I'd be excited about this season would be the new Omega Max
    - wider Omega shape so falls just between the Omega and the Omni in size.

  • swbcaswbca Posts: 461 Baller
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    @19skier There is no singe best choice but I am also skiing tournaments at 30mph this year for the first time. When skiing at 34 mph, I completed 35off 7 tournaments in a row. I weight 170 at 6-0 and will be using a 68" D3 ION. That may seem like a long ski but Nate Smith weighs less and uses a 67 ION at 36mph. He uses a larger ski for his size compared to most other skiers and he holds the world record.

    What Boots? When I asked this forum about what boots to get after not skiing for a while I was warned away from starting with a shell. That transition is much bigger than changing a ski. Sometimes experienced skiers can't even get out of the water or make a single pass through the course when they switch to a shell boot. I was advised to use something similar to what I had been using before until I got my ski-legs back.
  • Mike GileMike Gile Posts: 389 Crazy Baller
    +1 for the Senate. Same shape as the Vapor, just a bit wider for the slower speeds.
  • 19skier19skier Posts: 112 Baller
    Appreciate the input! The ads for those skis sound about right and bigger is probably better. I'll stay with the Frankenstien'ed Exo's and see what happens.
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