ION - NRG R2 How to Decide ?

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Please help me understand, D3 has two top of the range skis in their line up, the ION and the NRG R2, both supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, is there specific styles of skiing that one particular ski is suited to, clearly they are different and have different attributes, with limited Demo possibilities, how would you go about evaluating either ski, most of the dealers generally stock one brand in the UK, the Dealer that stocks the D3 products, is definitely not my go to place for water ski equipment (We Will Leave It There).
Generally each year I travel to Florida, which gives me the opportunity to Demo a couple of skis, but obviously in the current covid situation, isn,t going to happen anytime soon.
I do know a couple of skiers that ditched the NRG for the EVO and made improvements in their bouy count.
I know skis evolve over time, but when a manufacturer continues with both skis, they must think that one is better than the other for certain people.

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    sent you a DM
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    Terry Winter did a comparison at 39off:

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    Ask Freddie
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    With D3's demo program it is easy to find out what fits for you. They sent me the EVO S and the NRG R1 last year. After skiing on both I found the NRG clearly suits my style. For others I know that it was just the opposite. SO if you are interested try them both.
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    • R2 is a wider ski / ION is narrower body/traditional shaped ski
    • R2 Mid and Forebody (R2 approx. a ski size wider compared to ION)
    o 66” R2 forebody is almost the same width as a 67” ION
    o Wider means the skier can typically ride a shorter size ski
    • R2 Tail Narrower (last 15” ski) – allows the tail to hold well and sit deeper

    • More Tail Rocker than ION - .200” ( ¼” = .250”)
    o NRG – quick turns
    o ION – carving turns
    • R2 and ION both have large Sweet Spot – 1” more compared to R1 and EVO

    • Deeper Concave than ION – more hold and grip

    • Similar bevels - from tip to tail – smooth and predictable

    this info was provided to me by D3
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    [email protected]

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    Mike excellent description.
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    @Deanoski I can not take credit for that, as that is what I was given so I could learn about them. I believe D3 actually wrote it for the dealers / websites.
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    The Terry Winter split screen is cool.

    Other than the difference in pull out for gate, I’d say he looks really similar on both skis. Am I missing something?
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    He can ski on anything but
    After slowing it down. He skis an earlier line on the NRG.
    Not sure the video helps people’s decisions but cool video.
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    @buoyboy1 until you ride the R2
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    Always good to demo if it works for you. I feel like it doesn't work for me because I don’t ski often enough and that it takes me a good couple months, 15 to 20 sets to adjust to the new ride. So I went with the factory team’s advise.
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