Radar Carbitex Fit?

I wear a size 12 shoe and I’m test fitting a size 12 Vapor Carbitex (2021). I’ll be mounting on an MOB plate and replacing the stretchy cords (so will wear the boot tight). I have not heat formed the Intuition liner yet.

The 12 fits snug without the insole, but too tight with. I could go up a size, but that’s for a 13/14 foot (might be a bit sloppy). I could run without the insoles, but seems like they’re there for a reason. And of course this issue could be moot once liners are heat formed (especially if using the Intuition toe cap).

Any advice? Will the liner shrink enough to make up for the difference of an insole?


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    I am a size 11 street shoe and originally was recommended a size 11 Carbitex. This was in 2019. I could barely force my foot in there. I returned it and exchanged it for a size 12 which fits just right. I have not heat molded the liner.
    If the fit is snug without insoles, you might be ok after heat molding the liner. The insoles should be to make up for any slack, but since you don't have any, you should be ok without them.
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    @OscawanaSkier I'm in your situation exactly. I've been using a 12, no insole and heat molding the liner. You can actually get the toes lose if you put on enough toe caps during molding. That's not really what you want but point being you should be able to fit them to your liking, tight or lose or anywhere in between.
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    I wear size 14s and got a new pair of carbitex last year. They were quite tight until I molded them. Now they're like a glove WITH the insole.

    And I wouldn't run them super tight even with the MOB. Especially the rear, if too tight, your skiing will go to crap. At least that's true for all my many buddies who use these boots. You're fighting the rear binding too much if the upper portion is too tight. I rarely stuff the tip if I'm running the rear binder loose. I've had some painful days when I run it too tight.
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    They run pretty snug. I'd go up a size if the ones you have feel too tight for your foot.
  • OscawanaSkierOscawanaSkier Posts: 101 Baller
    @uwskier - no rear boot, just an RTP. Once back on the water I’ll do some experimenting with the BOA and the lace tightness.

    Without the insoles, my toes are just hitting the front of the liner/boot. That becomes uncomfortable with the insole in. It’s also pretty tough to get them on. I’m starting to think going up a size, plus insoles, plus careful lining forming will give me the most leeway. I just remember my first pair of snow boots that were just a hair too short/tight. I think I’d rather error the other way. Open to opposing thoughts.
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    I always ski better if I don’t have to work up a sweat just to get my feet in the bindings. I love my carbitex. I’m a size 10.5 Nike running. Show and I use size 12 carbitex. Easier to get into, lots of support, super comfortable, and most of all releases when needed/as intended. I was worried 12’s would be too big but after several years in them I have zero regrets. I did try the 11’s on and they just felt way too small.
  • Dacon62Dacon62 Posts: 845 Crazy Baller
    About 1 size up I find fits just right.
    Wear 10 shoes, 11 Carbitex.
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    Go up 1 size above your street shoe size
  • matt_bmatt_b Posts: 74 Baller
    Definitely 1 size up and not to tight.
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,651 Mega Baller
    I’m a 10 in shoes, sneakers, boots and double Carbitex Vapors. I found them to be similar to a stiff pair of hiking boots in that they take a 4 or 5 sets to break in, then they are very comfortable. I prefer to wear them into shape rather than heat mold them which seems to me to stiffen the liner foam material.
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    I'm a 10.5 shoe but wear sz 10 Carbitex boots. Feel tight at first then great after the toes pack out.
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    When you heat mold the liners (don't skip this step... it's critical for foot comfort) take an old pair of tube socks, cut off the portion that covers your toes up to just behind the ball of your foot, and put BOTH layers on the same foot when molding (covering your toes). This will give you the toe space you're looking for. If you don't do this, your toes will feel cramped.
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  • OscawanaSkierOscawanaSkier Posts: 101 Baller
    Thanks everyone! I ordered the size 13/14 last night so I can try both side-by-side. Will report back findings and final decision.
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    Your toe will touch when you put them on but not when skiing. I wear a 10 shoe and a 10 Carbinx. Liner goes in the shell then put your foot in the liner. I wet mine. I’ve never used the insole. I’ve been told they are for taking the boot down a half size. You can also use a very thin dress sock to help your foot slide in till they break in.
  • Robbo5252Robbo5252 Posts: 38 Baller
    Like most above, I sized up from the 12 to 13/14 and find its perfect. Still need to do the heat moulding.
  • Fast351Fast351 Posts: 272 Baller
    Radar's boots run a size small. I'm in a 12 boot with a 11 shoe size. It should be worth noting that the people running the same size might have D width (normal) shoes where mine are EE (wide).
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    Just got the size 13/14 boot. Felt great a first, but then realized the liner was quite loose in the shell as I pulled up my heel, even when cranked down (usually good, but I’m mounting to an MOB, so want this tighter). Tried the 12 again, without the insole, much less sloppy. Swapped to non-stretch laces - even better.

    Based on the comments above, I’m going to take the next step with the size 12 and heat-form the liner to make even a little more room for my toes.

    It should be noted, the difference between the 12 and the 13/14 is significant. The 13/14 is about 3/4” longer. If this was only a jump of one shoe size, the larger size would likely be right. I’m just at an awkward point in the boot sizing.
  • OscawanaSkierOscawanaSkier Posts: 101 Baller
    Update: the size 12 seems to have been the right size. Following @UWSkier recommendation above putting two cut socks over toes when forming worked perfectly, even with the insoles in. Now boot feels really comfortable, and will likely get even more comfortable after break in.

    I used the microwave-heated rice method found on Intuition’s site. Heat rice till it’s quite hot (you can only touch it for a few seconds). Make sure to remove insole before putting rice in liner, and also make sure liner tongue sits correctly while forming. It will feel too tight while your foot is in the liner during the forming, but perfect once you remove the two sock tips. Thanks everyone for your advice!
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    I liked the hair dryer method, but be sure to not let your wife catch you using her hairdryer because it gets to smelling like it’s burning up!
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