New season...New ski

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Some may question the wisdom in starting the season on a new ski but I decided I was ready for a change. Been on D3 for years. I am not a good ski tester so to start off on a new ski especially with a ski as different as the Pineapple (Parson's Project ... great name by the way) was a bit of a reach. Normally it takes me ten or so sets to get comfortable at the beginning of the year so I'm ready to spend some time adjusting. First three sets I just free skied to see what it felt like.
1. When you roll it on edge you better hold on!
2. From centerline out to buoy it is fast! getting wide is automatic.
3. With the water temp 43 and the air 49 I was COLD!
Fourth set I got to to lake and it was white caps! When was the last time you got to the lake with white caps and couldn't wait to ski? Thought I would lose some fillings but the ski felt rock solid.
Fifth set I wanted to try to run some buoys. The water and air were still cold but oh well.
32 MPH 28 off (I'm OLD) was a bit of a rodeo. Great speed through the wakes and strong side 1,3,5, felt good but I couldn't turn off side. I was hesitant to call Nick to ask questions about set up but he his response was immediate and friendly. With the water being cold we decided to move the boots forward and the fin forward. Rain for the next few days so I won't be able to try these settings but I am looking forward to the next ride. It's good to be excited about skiing again!



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    I believe the Pineapple is the first new ski with a theme song - guaranteed to get stuck in your head
    Is it time to ski, yet?
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    I wish I could un-hear that.
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    I don't think that with make it as a theme song!
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    I guess it is just me; but something is not appropriate.
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    As you can see ... the pineapple can support normal brain function which is important to me
    You just have to read the fine print
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    Back on topic
    This ski really is incredible. I only have 6 rides so far this year and the water is still below 50 but I like what I feel so far!
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