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Mirror Location

OscawanaSkierOscawanaSkier Posts: 96 Baller
My TXi came from the dealer with the wide-angle mirror installed on the center flip-open window. I’ve seen some boats with the mirror dead-center over the steering wheel. Which do you like better and why?


  • liquid dliquid d Posts: 1,321 Mega Baller
    left edge of driver side windshield..don't let it stick out into the walk thru area.
  • oldjeepoldjeep Posts: 3,799 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    edited March 15
    I prefer mine in the factory location - center of flip open window. When I drive most boats I am looking over the windshield frame, having the mirror towards driver side makes it hard to see.
    Chuck P
    Not a mechanic but I play one at home
  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 554 Crazy Baller
    edited March 15
    Place it on the drivers side windshield above the steering wheel.

    I had to drive a boat with the mirror on the observers side. Extremely hard to adjust and useless if someone sits in the observers seat.
    Andre Broussard | SkiBama Team Captain | SkiBennetts |
  • OscawanaSkierOscawanaSkier Posts: 96 Baller
    @oldjeep - good point! I’m 6’-4” and I normally look over the top of the windshield more than looking through it.
  • NameUnavailableNameUnavailable Posts: 20 Baller
    I like that mirror in the middle so I can check my path and see the skier at both side turns
  • JuanJJuanJ Posts: 25 Baller
    How about two mirrors? You can watch both sides of the turns and the center of the course for alignment.
  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 554 Crazy Baller
    The PTM Panoramic mirror is the way to go. Mounted on the drivers side windshield you can see the skier on both sides of the course.

    FYI: "factory" mounting location is on the drivers side and has been for some time now. Well technically the factories don't even install the mirrors, that is typically done at the dealership during prep.
    Andre Broussard | SkiBama Team Captain | SkiBennetts |
  • jayskijayski Posts: 1,015 Mega Baller

  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,659 Mega Baller
    Unless it's a tower mounted setup that's up and out of my sight line, I prefer it offset left. Anything attached to the windshield frame is a visual obstruction.
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  • DavidNDavidN Posts: 507 Crazy Baller
    edited March 16
    My Response had the mirror bracket mounted on the center piece of the windshield. I liked that location a lot! Combined with the PTM 140, the mirror placement was perfect.

    On the 200 the bracket sits on the driver’s side part of the windshield. It’s not ideal, as you always see parts of your own head in the mirror and for taller drivers it’s even worse. (That’s probably the reason why PTM sells these extensions that you see in @jayski ’s picture.)
    I cannot move the mirror to the center piece, because of the thickness of the bracket, I could not open the windshield safely this way because the bracket would be the contact point when the walk through window is opened.

  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 554 Crazy Baller
    @DavidN Not a fan of the windshield mount that Nautique uses for the 200. The mirror sits way too low! Not sure why these use that mount, the PTM ones are way better.
    Andre Broussard | SkiBama Team Captain | SkiBennetts |
  • Mzimmer75Mzimmer75 Posts: 12
    I've got a 2020 200 with the stock mirror that spins 180 degrees to go from a low setting to a higher one. High still isn't that high. I'm 6'3" so I'd love a little more elevation. The PTM units look nice. It wasn't clear to me on their website if they make an extension arm that works with the stock mirror. Anybody know?
  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 554 Crazy Baller
    @Mzimmer75 Not sure what the stock mirror is on a 200 these days. Is it an old school CIPA comp mirror?
    Andre Broussard | SkiBama Team Captain | SkiBennetts |
  • Mzimmer75Mzimmer75 Posts: 12
    No. I took a look at some pics of my boat and the mirror is the same as jayski's post in this thread with the dual mirror setup.
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