Goode Demo Day West Palm Beach March 20-21

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  • scokescoke Posts: 756 Crazy Baller
    Okeeheelee is skiing great. Water is about 76 and should be warming up for Saturday and Sunday. Plenty of folks skiing all day. All three lakes have been ski able in the morning.

    If anyone from out of town is thinking of driving in to test a few skis, you are more than welcome to ski behind our boat. (2019-200, 6.0L). Send me a message or get in touch with me and we'll see what we can do.
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 376 Crazy Baller
    @scoke if I lived 3000mi closer and had been skiing, I would take you up on your offer. And bring you your beer. Hopefully Goode does a demo day at Bell Acqua this year.

    Also, that is a nice photo of Makayla Todd on the cover. If I could keep my hips up like that off the second wake, I would be a much better skier.
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    @brettmainer hopefully if you’re not skiing you’re making money!

    Just got word, Martin will have the full range of skis with him. I’m tempted to try a wide ride or a fresh 68” revolution carbon core.

    Water was 75.8 last evening according the weather station. Our boat had 76 ha

    If you’re considering coming, plenty of options!
  • scokescoke Posts: 756 Crazy Baller
    Well I was wrong, the water temp is actually crossing to 80 degrees yesterday evening.

    If you're in Tampa/Orlando or other and looking to ride a few skis, it's an option for you!
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    Ah - just one week later and I might have tried it!
  • Chad_ScottChad_Scott Posts: 572 Open or Level 9 Skier
    @Skoot1123 we will be at the Ski club of Miami the following weekend
  • AliAli Posts: 235 Baller
    Any feedback from how skiers got on, what they liked did not like? Looking forward to this weekend at GMSC (Miami Ski club).
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