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I have a 2020 Senate Lithium ski and I am trying to mount a Radar Vector boot to it. The recommended mounting distance is 29.75 to 30" according to the Radar website. When I use the "center hole" for mounting, the boot is at 31" from the end of the ski. When I slide the boot as far back as possible, the measurement is 30.375 and I only have access to 4 (front and center) of the 6 mounting holes. The two rear holes are not fully accessible to get a screw into them. If I position the plate the furthest back possible and allowing the use of 6 screws, the boot heal is 30.625 from the end of the ski...

.625 over the recommended length seems like an awful lot. Do I need a different plate? The $120 for a sequential plate would be a waste based upon my ability and would be better invested in beer.



  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,279 Mega Baller
    Do you put your tape on the stitches under the heel when measuring?
  • derfsaintderfsaint Posts: 4
    Yes on the stitches....
  • GloersenGloersen Posts: 1,171 Mega Baller
    not sure how the Vector mounts to the plate, but if like this pic, you may be able to drill 6 new holes ~.75" aft on the plate (forego trying to make the slotted holes), counter sink, then re-mount the binding. If the heal protrudes past the back of the plate a tad, nbd.
  • DyscoDysco Posts: 79 Baller
    Contact Radar via email. Have pics and measurements. They will be able to help, which may include drilling new inserts.
    I just got mine back from them. Took a few days and everything lines up now. I only paid for shipping to them, nothing else.
  • WayneWayne Posts: 583 Crazy Baller
    What length ski? Also do you have the Feather Frame bindings or the ones on the aluminum plates? I’m assuming aluminum plates since you are looking at a sequence plate.

    I would not discount a sequence plate for your level. I’ve been using one with vectors for a long time and would not go back to individual plates or feather frames. It gives you a larger adjustment range with more resolution and you can still move each binding around separately. In addition you can mount radar bindings to just about any ski with it.
  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,279 Mega Baller
    @Gloersen yes... as long as his vector is not a feather frame. Another thing is that if the inserts are way off he will have the same issue with the rear binding too, relatively to where the front one will end after changing the position on the plate.
    @derfsaint if you are 100% sure that your boots can not be mount at stock, you better contact the retailer or radar. Radar has a great customer service.
  • derfsaintderfsaint Posts: 4
    Great replies. Thank you. This is becoming tougher than hitting your gates in 20 MPH winds. I didn't even think about the rear plate.... I have an aluminum front plate like Gloersen posted above. My rear boot is a Radar HRT on a feather plate. It looks like if I can drill 6 new holes and hang the end of the boot off the plate (per Glosen the two plates will work together without negatively impacting my chances of skiing 41 off (Ha! Currently I'm at 22 off).

    Dyson, is that new inserts into the boot or the ski?
    Wayne that plate may be the path of least resistance (and I get to buy some cool ski gadget....)

    Asking the previous owner of the ski what he had mounted on the ski....
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