What's this mostly-drysuit worth? 2014 SWS Sahara - size XL

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What's this drysuit worth? It's a SWS Sahara drysuit, bought somewhere around 2014 but never heavily used. It's size XL and while there's no obvious rips, by the end of a set, your bum and lower back will be wet. It still keeps you exceptionally warm though - I've used it in 50 degree water and been totally fine.

It was handed down to me by my brother @Nautique99, who is 6'4" - for comparison, I am 5'10"... It actually still kinda works, just with lots of extra fabric lol:

(yes that's the face of joy of the first ski of the season)

I don't have the budget for a new drysuit, but if I can sell this and use the money to buy a similar mostly-drysuit that's actually my size, that'd be awesome (and maybe a baggy one? so hard to get this thing on and off). Or I now have a Camaro Blacktec 2.0 wetsuit, which I've seen several people claim keeps them almost as warm as a drysuit... I'm suspicious, but if that's the case it's another reason to sell this one.



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    Blacktec 2.0 full suit is impressive, but it's no where near as warm as a true drysuit, especially when it really gets cold and you can put more regular clothing on under the drysuit.
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    The Sahara is a really good suit. With a little wetsuit repair cement you should be able to seal up any little leaks in the tape or seams fairly well. Not sure how much for resale, ~50 to ~100 bucks maybe.
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    @Than_Bogan at that price you should buy it as a back up
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    I don’t know a lot of people that use a PFD with a dry suit. I know that I don’t and none of my ski partners do. Ditching the PDF (plenty of floatation in the suit) or wearing it under the dry suit, might make it feel like it fits better. FYI, I have the same suit you have.
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    I can't think you will get enough to make a meaningful dent in the new suit. I'd keep it. Sometimes back up stuff is good.
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    It all depends on how many times it was peed in
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