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2014-2020 Prostar Bunks Revisted

LoopSkiLoopSki Posts: 795 Mega Baller
Cant search for the old thread on my iPhone. But wanted to revisit what you guys are using for bunk spacing. I tried a narrow spacing and its a PIA. Its almost time to put the boat on the lift and want to re do the bunks. Also a wider spacing may require more depth. Has anyone doubled up on the wood bunks? Before someone posts just use the trailer dimensions, you obviously dont have this generation Prostar.


  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 377 Solid Baller
    edited March 24
    My ski partner that has a 2018 used the width of the widest spaced bunks on the trailer, the ones on the back as a guide. He initially had them more narrow due to just leaving the spacing from his previous, narrower boat and ended doing hundreds of dollars in gelcoat damage where one skid ended up with one of the 90 degree transitions in the hull just barely on it and slipped off sideways from movement, damaging the gelcoat on the edge of the 90 degree turn.

    I can get measurements off it for you in a few weeks when I help him put it back in the water if that helps.
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