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Whats up guys!
I've been slalom free skiing just for fun for about 5 years now on my uncles old skis from the 80s. I've decided it's probably about time to buy my own since I'm hoping to try a course this summer. I've done some google searching but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a ski to buy. I'd say I'm intermediate skill level, boat speed around 30mph, I'm a 5'7" woman weighing 140lbs. Looking to spend under $350 for a ski and bindings, preferably front boot and back toe pad (terminology? haha) . Doesn't have to be brand new gear, I know this price point is pretty low! Just a broke college student thats trying to upgrade from her wooden ski lol, Thanks!


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    Welcome to the addiction! For non-brand new gear, you can check Ski-It-Again. For ski size, check out the charts different manufacturers have on their sites.
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    I second SIA. I have bought and sold skis there for several years.

    Also where are you located?
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    Link provided by @keithh2oskier is actually being sold by sunsports in Naples ME. Very reputable dealer. (Although most sellers on SIA are great anyway!)
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    I can’t speak for other skis, or brands, but I would suggest a 65” Radar Lyric. I’ve skied a lot on that skis counterpart, the Senate, and it’s a fantastic ski. If you’re good enough to start trying the course I don’t suggest you go any lower down their, or any other brands product line. Just something that is designed to support you at speeds less than 34 and still high enough to rip. I think HO offers a women’s Omni, that is supposed to be comparable to the Lyric, but I have zero experience with that ski
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    Another +1 for Ski it Again. Lots of great equipment and options. Bought and sold there many times. IMO buy up to a better ski than you need today. Will be there as you improve, and PLENTY of people here to help with advice on that front. You’re embarking on a lifelong journey!
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    Ski-it-again is a good way to go, but also give Darren Wiley at Wileys a call, tell him you are a college student, and ask him what he's got laying around that he wants to move. Sometimes he's got a gem just sitting there that he'll let go for cheap.
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    Thanks so much for all the tips! I'm definitely going to check out Ski it Again and give wileys a call. Thanks for the link @keithh2oskier , I'm located around Lake Gaston NC/VA
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    Call @perfski . They have excellent knowledge and discounted close out skis. They can probably ship to NC in a couple days.
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    Thanks @ALPJr We can typically get a ski/anything in the shop to the Carolinas in about 2 days.

    @melski if you want to message me I can check everything we have around the shop and see what I can put together for you if you would like. Just need to know the foot size for you!
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    @melski there’s quite a few skiers in your area too so if you want some contact info send me a PM.
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    Well this 2020 holdover women's union is still a little over your price range even though it is on a great deal on holdover. Nevertheless, I think it represents pretty well what you ought to be looking for in my opinion that will be a great ski for the open water skiing you have been doing and will also work very well for you as you are required to slow the boat down quite a bit in order to be able to start doing the course for your first times.

    I would prefer it with the vector boot instead of the prime, but the prime is probably fine too.

    So look at this, and if you can afford it, great. If not, use it as a pattern or a model of what you generally might be looking for on the used market.
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    Give Perf ski a chance. I got a closeout wait board and bindings from them for one of my kids that was like three years old but still new in the box. Big discount.
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