2016 HO Syndicate V-Type R vs 2017 HO Syndicate VTX vs 2019 Syndicate Pro - Not sure which way to go

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I am looking to upgrade my ski this season (been a while since I have done so) and am looking for suggestions. Can get into any of the 3 listed for a decent price, just not sure what would be best for me (or if something else all together would be better).

2016 HO Syndicate V-Type R
2017 HO Syndicate VTX
2019 HO Syndicate Pro

Background: Current ski is a HO CDX-1, before that HO VTX
Ski style: 100% slalom course (roughly 28" off and 32mph)
Size: Female, 5'5" and 125lbs

Also, have always skied with Animal front binding and RTP. Considering the Syndicate hardshell with RTP, but would be open to info and suggestions on that as well. Like the animal bindings, but almost always get a foot cramp even trying to get the darn thing on. Like the idea of easier on and off with repeatable binding closure force with the hardshell.


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    CDX-1 was a great ski. My daughter still has an original 65" on the shelf. One of the best looking skis of all time IMO. Very cool graphics. I rode one as well for many years and still get it down occasionally for fun. My recommendation would be to go for the VTR . You'll get all the advances of the A series (1,2,3) skis plus the original V type. The VTX and Pro were more incremental forward evolutions from there. You'll of course need new bindings too as the CDX-1's were old plate/pattern bindings. If you like animals there are plenty on SIA, or other non rubber options that will fit. Any questions call the folks at HO and they'll let you know what will connect. Good people. You'll get a huge jump moving 15+ years ahead in a ski. You'll love it.
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    Pro and VTX are both very similar in feel in that they have a very deep concave and ride lower in the water. They have a very grippy feel from the second wake thru the finish of the turn. The VTR runs a much shallower concave for more outbound glide and a more consistent feel throughout. VTR is also much better suited to your speed and line lengths where 32 mph is probably too slow for the correct size Pro or VTX.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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    It appears a 65 inch ski is your choice. You would probably like an HO Omega. It's slightly wider than the Syndicate Pro like the VTR and VTX, fast and light like the Pro and would suit you at 32 or 34 mph. I think Travers has both a demo Pro and Omega for sale. If that's out of your price range, look for a 64 Goode Nano 1 XT or a 65 XTR. (Goode sized their skis differently from other brands). My wife is your size and ran 28 off 34 on a CDX1. She went to the XT and gained a pass. When she went into W5 and moved down to 32mph, she ran very deep into 35 off and ran a few. Light, fast, stable like the newer HOs.
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    @tkarbs getting rubber binding on you should be using slime or soap. You'll foot will slide on in easily. Rub a bit inside the binding iwhere your foot will contact front and back. I lube my foot also. Goes in easily and the lube dissipates in the water. Many folks use Dawn as it's environmentally friendly and does the job, Dawn doesn't dissipate quickly enough for me. I highly recommend Babes Boot Butter. Made from Kelp and inexpensive and hands down the best boot lube there is. Your animal will be a whole new binding. Don't rule out new rubber bindings because your old ones have been a pain. My daughter with her CDX-1 has the old animals as well and the Babes Butter makes all the difference.
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    ++ on the VTypeR
  • ToddAToddA Posts: 132 Baller
    +++ VT-R. It is a great ski.
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    Thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone! Appreciate you all taking the time to give feedback. VT-R is on order, now just to decide on what bindings to purchase to put on it. :)

    As far as binding slime, had used Moose Juice for years (dad an I went to the camp in the mid 90's and swore by the stuff). The last few years have used Babe's boot butter and it works, but still a tight fit to get into my current animal binding. Just not sure between the new animal and trying out the hard-shell option. Thanks again to all who offered advice!
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    Bar basil shave cream at the dollar store. Cheap and easy, goes away quickly.
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    @tkarbs - if interested in staying with a rubber binding check out tfactors. I went to them after HO’s and am sold for life. Easy in and out with dual front laces - extremely well made, great support.
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    I had never skied on the cdx but currently have a few ‘16 vtr’s & an really comfortable on them..ran my personal best ever on a HO phantom @a wade cox clinic..
    Tried the ‘17 vtx could not get it to work for me.. have not tried the HO pro..
    my next Ski to try is the ‘21 HO omega max But I am over 200lbs..
    Have worn the animal binding w/laces forever , now with the radar HRT back binding..
  • savaiusinisavaiusini Posts: 426 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @sunnydaysmn If you liked the VTR, I think you really should be on a 68 Omega. Just my 2 cents B)
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
  • sunnydaysmnsunnydaysmn Posts: 56 Baller
    @savaiusini interesting! I am curious as to why you suggested the omega 68 inch versus omega max 67 inch?
    I was leaning towards the omega max simply for the width and looked like it was working well for Chris Parrish as a bigger skier..
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