Reflex Ankle Hinge Repair - looking for advice

Now on my 2nd classic black reflex front boot where the washer has popped off the ankle hinge pin on the inside of the boot, both times on the same side of the boot. Reflex replaced the first boot on warranty (no questions asked, even though I was a bit past the coverage date) but the 2nd one is well past coverage. I'm thinking of trying to replace the existing hinge with some sort of T-nut / washer combination, with some locktite as there won't be a of threads to hold. Anyone else had this experience and come up with a fix that has worked, or potential problems to avoid ? Appreciate any input.


  • GloersenGloersen Posts: 1,170 Mega Baller
    Have used Goode powershell hinge bolts, but other than an old shell source, don't know where they can be obtained.

    Might be able to use these cuff bolts perhaps with some modified stainless fender washers as needed.

    @skialex ?
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    Another thing that might work is snow ski boot hinge bolts.
    Chuck P
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    Great ideas. Thanks ! My first thought was to head to Home Hardware, but a sporting good shop makes a lot more sense to start !
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    stainless t nut and stain washer on the out cuff no big deal any hardware store then yes loctite
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    @Gloersen same as @Deanoski, cut off the excess metal from the aluminum hinge pin, drill it countersunking it and use stainless steel 10/32 t nut and screw. Red loctite at the end. Lasts for more years than the shell itself. Also red loctite is very strong but when you apply heat with a heat gun, it is very easy to remove the screw.
    I’ll post pictures when I get back at home.
  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,279 Mega Baller
    This is one of my shells...

  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,279 Mega Baller

  • ralral Posts: 1,925 Mega Baller
    Reflex used to sell a part to do this repair.
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    @ral Thanks for the suggestion. When the first shell broke I reached out to Reflex for a repair option. As I recall at the time, they said a repair wasn't possible so they sent new boot. Worth a follow-up with them to double check.
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    @dboresky They use a M4 screw through the pin, bit to thin for my liking. They also use it on their new shells now instead of the black aluminum rivet. Looks good, personally still prefer my mod. But when I buy my next shell I’ll probably leave it as is...
    Also reflex has a very good customer service, it worth checking with them.
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    I've seen people use a carriage bolt from the inside with a nylock nut on the outside.
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    I’ve found the best repair is to drill out the old rivit and washer and insert a 1/2” nylon bushing. Use 1/4” stainless bolt some large stainless washers and a nyloc nut on the outside. This hinge will outlast the remaining life of the boot and it can be re-used on the next boot.

    I found a good selection of bushings and ss hardware at Ace hardware but it was years ago.

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    As long as you won’t hit the ski edges in an uncommon release situation with that nyloc nut...
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