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Drysuit repair questions

PullhardPullhard Posts: 49 Baller
The ski season is starting up in the Pacific NW and the water is COLD! For drysuits, looking for recommendations on the best products to use, and places to purchase them. Specially, items such as neoprene neck, wrist, and ankle seals and most importantly resealing tape for all of the sewn seams inside the drysuit. There are many seal sealing tapes available on Amazon but many have mixed reviews and appear to be a waste of time and money. I know everybody uses Aquaseal for repair glue but I’m really looking for more information about what are the best seals and tapes to buy. Drysuits are extremely expensive and worth fixing so I don't want to throw mine away. Appreciate the help !


  • RednucleusRednucleus Posts: 590 Crazy Baller
    I use this instead of aquaseal. Available in an 8 oz tube; store in ziplock in freezer,, never dries out.

    What kind of drysuit?
    Seals are available from Wileys or on line dive shops.
  • PullhardPullhard Posts: 49 Baller
    I have an OS Systems and BAER drysuit both needing repair.
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