Anybody got an Elite Quattro COLLECTING DUST???

ThePantsManCanThePantsManCan Posts: 465 Baller
Hey guys! Any Elite Quattro owners out there willing to liberate a 66 or 67?
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  • ericeric Posts: 1
    I have a 67. Excellent. 425.614.9880
  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 1,048 Crazy Baller
    @eric - post a pic. Never seen one
  • skialexskialex Posts: 1,378 Mega Baller
    Best looking ski... I wish I had one hanging on my wall...
  • sunnydaysmnsunnydaysmn Posts: 56 Baller
    @eric I would be interested if it is not spoken for?
  • ThePantsManCanThePantsManCan Posts: 465 Baller
    Eric doesn’t have the Elite Quattro. He has the Elite Alpha
    60% of the time, it works.... All the time.
  • slowslow Posts: 566 Crazy Baller
    Sad to see the O’Brien brand bite the dust in competitive waterskiing
  • thagerthager Posts: 5,582 Mega Baller
    Over the course of my ski lifetime there have been a few ski companies that have cycled out and back in. Connelly and KD come to mind. Never know, but someday O'Brien could return.
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  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,808 Mega Baller
    edited June 2021
    KD and Connelly got bought and sold. It’s nice to see the names still exist, and still putting out great skis. O’Brien is the current victim of brand strength being worth enough that they can put out crap product and still sell..... until they kill the brand. Schwinn and GT bicycles were bought years ago by Pacific, a Chinese garbage manufacturer. That’s why you see those crap Schwinn’s in Walmart.
  • thagerthager Posts: 5,582 Mega Baller
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • Anyone have a 64” Elite Quattro? I have a couple of the conquers, looking for the Quattro.
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