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I grew up skiing in Austin at least once a week and joined a ski team in college. With that being said, I haven't skied regularly in about 7 years. I have been going out on the lake more recently and would like to have a waterski to get back out on (hopefully I will have my own boat in the next few years). When I do go out, it is ALWAYS a wakesurf boat on Lake Austin or Travis, so it's reasonably choppy. I can't decide between a Radar Butterknife or Union. I'm worried that the butterknife might be too much of a beginner ski for me and that the union could be difficult to get up on behind a wake surfing boat.


  • RednucleusRednucleus Posts: 697 Mega Baller
    What was your level of skiing in college & what was your ski?
  • UWSkierUWSkier Posts: 1,821 Mega Baller
    A surf boat will pop you out on either ski. They're geared/propped like tractors. I second the questions above.
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  • aupatkingaupatking Posts: 1,704 Mega Baller
    Just my thoughts but, if you can already reasonably slalom, you don’t need the butter knife. The Union is a wide ski that comes out of the water quickly. I don’t know that I'd let the boat be the determining factor, at least not in your situation
  • MattCLMattCL Posts: 16 Baller
    I have a butterknife that I have skied behind my G21. It's pretty soft so I like that for dealing with the big wake behind the wake boat - the stiffer skis are harder on my ankles. I don't have a union but have skied my Senate behind the wake boat and don't like it as much. The butterknife is a decent ski - I can run the course at 30mph on it behind a ski boat, 32mph it gets hard to slow down in the course for me.
  • vthalvthal Posts: 2
    I could run course at a lower speed but I was still working on improving my turns and not being too timid. I used to have a 2008 HO Espirt but I donated to the ski team when I left... Stupid looking back
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,968 Mega Baller
    If I were you dont spend a ton and buy a used ski. So long as they dump the ballast and sit in the bow deep water starts should not be a problem. Wakes will be.

    I'm a big fan of having several skis. So I'd start with something that will be fun behind the barge. Maybe find a katana instead of the butter knife? Or get the union 1 size up

    Mostly because your driver probably doesnt want to go 28+
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