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Last fall I bought 6 MOB handle guards. One for me and five to pass out to fellow ski club members. Interesting that only one person saw the benefit, much less the free nature of the offer. My only motivation was to promote safety. Oh well. If anyone wants one pm me, $5 to cover postage and hassle and one of them is yours.
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    Disappointing the others saw no value in your effort. It surprises me how many skiers do not use a handle guard, particularly high level skiers. And all the kids should have them. I knew George, tragic he died in such a gruesome way. 20 bucks would have saved him.
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    Which sizes do you have?
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    @vtmecheng i have no idea. Not sure sizes were offered when I bought them
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    I've handed out a few, also. A couple of them got used, and two came back. "Don't need it". I found it interesting, too. Nice of you to offer them on here
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    A ski buddy of mine got his arm through the handle last weekend. He was very lucky, only out for a month. I had one in 2004 and was out for 4 mo's with forearm surgery. Another guy in our area had much of the flesh taken off his arm about 10 years ago. I personally know 2 others that have had severe trauma by getting tangled in the handle. I'm not sure why people are so reluctant. I never notice my own homemade guard. It's a no trainer in my opinion.
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    This happened 2 years ago when my arm went through the handle in a fall, I felt something pop when the rope tightened and it was sore as hell but I was lucky there wasn't a lot of damaged, I have been using a handle guard ever since.
    I have noticed when Freddie Winter falls he holds the handle as long as possible and then throws it.

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    @tjm Thank you for your offer. If you have any left, PM me with address and I will enclose payment. Thank you.
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    All gone. However, don't let a few more dollars prevent you from getting one as there are several vendors selling them.
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    @Cam with handle guard the consequences could be even worse because the gap between guard and handle is narrower.
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    @OldboyII - I tend to agree with you there.
    Perhaps some folks can comment on their experiences and/or near misses with handle guards and without.

    Incidentally, I tried the MOB guard last week. It's very well made, no complaints there. But I repeatedly missed the handle over a 2 set period.
    Next I'm going to try trimming it down to allow more space for my paws to reach the handle and not bump the edge of the guard.

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    @Booze some skiers need more finger room than others. 3.5” clearance works for most, but some need more. I have a variety of options in sizes and shapes, I will bring some different versions when I come down to ski.

    @OldboyII The gap between the guard and handle is unavoidable, but is likely only a problem if you fall into the handle while continuing to hold the handle. Otherwise it is likely that the guard would deflect re-insertion of your hand. Falling forward into the handle while holding on can result in the same type injury as without a handle guard.

    The main goal here is preventing your head from going through the bridle. That pretty much insures death. Each skier can choose what coverage best suits their needs.
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    @OldboyII my thinking on the handle guard is if a 32 off hacker like myself can put an arm through the handle there is a distinct possibility that my head could go through it and as @mmosley899 states "The main goal here is preventing your head from going through the bridle. That pretty much insures death. Each skier can choose what coverage best suits their needs".
    I could probably survive an arm through the handle but not much chance with my head, we are all free to make our own choices and mine is to use a handle guard :)
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    @Cam @mmosley899 No question about that. My notice was about just this particular case.
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    Agree with @ski6jones. No question the guard will prevent your head from getting in. Closing off most of the area will minimize potential for hand/arm getting in, and I don't think will have much if any resistance to the arm coming out if it does get in.

    I don't have years of experience skiing before I added a guard a couple years ago, but i the last 3-4 years I've had the guard, I have never touched the guard when grabbing the handle out of a turn.
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    interested if you still have any available. Thank you!!
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    My dad and I started using one again. I hear from the other guys on the lake “the pros don’t use them!” It’s like it’s not cool if you have one. I hear these horror stories and have taken some good falls over the years. I have never had an issue with the guards getting in my way.
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    I was at Gordon’s in Acapulco in ‘08 right before Brett Yager put his head through. Found out about it and was about to put a handle guard on my handle but just didn’t get to it right away and put my arm through at 35 and dislocated my elbow. Out for the season. Agree w @ski6jones - handle guard is not keeping your arm in there.
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    Pretty sure you can live with a dislocated elbow, not so much with a dislocated head! I won't pull anyone who doesn't have some typed of guard.
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    @dbaconaz no I do not. But several vendors have a ton of them. Such as MOB
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    I bought a Masterline handle guard in May and have used it ever since. I had been good about keeping it tight and low towards the V, insuring I had 3+ inches of room between the guard and handle to allow my fingers to grab. I forgot to re-tighten and pull down today, and it slid up a bit and caused me to miss the handle (my palm hit the bar as planned, but fingers couldn’t wrap). I lost handle and fell. No big deal, but I wouldn’t want to do that in a tournament I spent a lot of time and money to attend.

    So, I will still use the Masterline handle guard tomorrow, but I will make sure it is tight and low and will put a zip tie on each leg of the rope to keep it from sliding up. My PSA for the day.
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    It took me a while, but I finally mounted my handle guard using a 3 mm paracord. I will try it out tomorrow. I’m not sure about the cord around the middle of the handle. I may change it.

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    @BS74 I had the honor of skiing with British skier Aiden Willers when I spent some time with Andy Mapple at his lake in Orlando. Aiden is an amazing guy, but he has had to overcome a horrific arm injury from getting caught up in the handle.

    I said all that to say this: If you think a dislocated elbow is the worst that can result from an arm getting caught in the handle, you're gravely mistaken. Many injuries are MUCH worse; a merely dislocated elbow would be more like a lucky break (pun intended).

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    I'm sure that everyone of you saw the extremely high number of skiers in the Nationals that were using an arm guard.
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    This is why we all need a handle guard. This could have gone much worse. If this video does not start on John Gorski's -35 pass, go to the 1:34:30 mark in the video. @A_B, it does not look like John has a handle guard, so maybe you might want to mention it.

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    @ MISkier: I agree, very close to head going thru the handle. No down side to handle guard and for kids also.
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    @BS74, I think he escaped multiple chances for injury. Most of us think the handle will be pulled cleanly away or, at the most, we may fall into it as it is pulled away. John dived over the front of the handle and had it behind him for a bit. Could have gone through, could have had it catch him as it was pulled over him, could have been tangled up as he tumbled with it.

    He did seem to have the presence of mind to grab it with his other hand as he crashed. While he didn't totally control what was happening, I think that helped mitigate some possibilities.

    He was lucky.
    The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.
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