1998-99 Sac State - Marcus Brown, Jamie Beauchesne, Jason Paredes, Terry Winter

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I had the privilege of practicing with some greats on Sacramento Sates Ski Team in 1998-99. Having not skied since 1999 until recently in August of 2020; this article was pretty cool to me (written in 2008). I was a bit frustrated back then with how little water time or coaching I got; but now I understand why, future world champions were being groomed:


@MarcusBrown pulled me through the course for my first pass ever on Lang Lake in Shingle Springs, CA. Marcus and Coach Dulgar were just figuring out Perfect Pass settings on the Ski Natique Bubble Butt. I had spent hours free skiing and watching Advanced Slalom Clinic featuring Bob LaPoint; I thought I would be running into the 30 off's in no time. First pass I think I asked for 34mph 22 off; went OTF at one ball almost hitting the shore, never even got through the course skiing with Sac State; understandably never skied a tournament for them. I probably got less than 15 passes over the two years despite spending 100's of hours on the dock, and those were my only times I had ever been on a course; however, I absolutely loved the sport, got to try jumping on Winchester Lake (Sac Delta Slough) and tricking on my wakeboard with no fins. I moved to SoCal in 2,000; college poor, without a boat, and where the sport was much less popular.

Happy to now be skiing the course again 22 years later at 44 y/o. Clearing [email protected] MPH after only about 10 days on a course, PR almost every time out. Blessed with good health, a boat, and recently becoming a member of a course to ski on almost weekly. Motivated by being surrounded by guys into their late 60's skiing short-line. I am super psyched on my future of skiing and honored to have been a shadow to some great history why it was being made.



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    @Fastguy888 where are you located?

    I'm president of winchester currently and was president of sac state ski team in mid 2000s. BD is in our club as well.
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    Southern California. Live 1/4mi from puddingstone reservoir (San Dimas, Raging Waters); Ski at the Quarry Ski Club in Corona, CA and San Diego Water Ski Club. I still have family around Bay Area and Sacramento; parents still live 10 minutes from Lang Lake, my mom taught the Lang Kids in school and I believe some connections to BD as well.
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    Parades skied for Sac St in the late 90s? He skied at NLU in the early 90s. Maybe he still had some eligibility left? He was a great all around skier and a really nice guy.
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    So who was the 5th skier on the team that was first off the dock Saturday morning?
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    JP won men’s overall skiing for sac state in 88 iirc. Billy Allen won jump that same year.
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    @Fastguy888 those were good times at Lang Lake! I’m glad you shared this because I have never seen it before.

    Our 1999 collegiate nationals men’s slalom team was Beauchesne, Terry, myself, JR Wheeler and Austin Woo, I think.

    Jason Paredes was late 80’s-Early 90’s

    Also, Collegiate is potentially the biggest hope for our sport.
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    @MarcusBrown that was quite the slalom team!
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    @MarcusBrown also, who was skiing at NLU, USL, Rollins, etc. Yall probably had some good competition at the collegiate nationals.
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    1998 nationals on the Bayou in Monroe:
    -Parrish - Monroe
    -Dimitri Gamzukoff - ASU

    -Beauchesne - Sacstate
    -Scott Smith
    -Tony lIghtfoot - ULL
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    I think Jason was living on my couch in the 90's ...don't remember much schooling then! hahaha, but it sure was fun!
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    @MarcusBrown thanks. Some of those names are surprising. Dimitri? I think a lot of ppl don't know that @TonyLightfoot was a good collegiate skier.

    The only collegiate nationals my team made it to while I was skiing was 1990 on the bayou in Monroe also. It was so cool skiing through the trees there. I jumped poorly. I was our team's top seed and expected to jump high '20s or even 130 but John Swanson was right after me and I got kinda freaked out by his intensity on the starting dock. I didn't even crack 120. I learned the importance of a mental game that day.
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    @Cooper_Trelawney that was a fun tourney. If its the one I'm thinking of I remember blinding sun during the evening for Men's jump. Steve Zineo for sac caught a skirt and flew onshore with one ski on and took out the NLU band. Then he taped his leg and hit a PB (or near a PB IIRC). Then he showed up to the banquet later that night in a cast. It was unreal.
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    @jjackkrash I remember that dude flying into the shore! :#
    It's all so long ago now but those were great years! I was on the Southwest Texas State (SWT) team. Were you on Sac State?
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    Slack State is for Slackers. Chico State all the way!

    As an aside, I think I still have a SWT team shirt I traded for back in the day laying around somewhere.
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