Is there anywhere to ski near Huntsville, Alabama?

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I have work overnights in that area but mostly asking for a friend who started skiing not too long ago and just learned the slalom course. Any information or contacts are appreciated.
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    @chris_logan is in that neck of the woods and may know more. Clearwater & Area 41 are up that way.
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    Clearwater is in Owens Crossroads, which is a suburb of Huntsville. They are a AWSA affiliated club. You can find their contact info on the website. Area 41 is in Athens, contact is @lkb on BOS.
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    I’m an hour west of Huntsville. 4 lane Hwy all the way to my site. You are welcome to come ski with me.
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    I ski at Area 41. LKB is the owner. He is no longer on BOS. If interested PM me and I’ll give you his phone number.
    We have about 12 people that ski there full and part time. Always room for more.
    @BrianKennedy91 also has a great site and is very accommodating.
    Not sure but last time I heard Clearwater is only available to property owners.
    I’m a lucky guy. Three great private lakes within 45 minutes of my house. Five private lakes in North Alabama.
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    Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it.
    I learned everything I know not to do from Horton
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