Replacement slalom gloves for tall female

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I ski every weekend, sometimes several days in a row, sometimes on a course. 30MPH, 15 off. 5'11" female so long skinny fingers and small wrists. I've been wearing men's size large Connelly tournament gloves (the yellow and black) for about 2 years. They fit great and have worked just fine but the padding feels non-existent now and after a few pulls my hands are hurting.

The last post I see on this forum with glove advice is from 2019. Should I go with the same gloves again or suggestions to try something new? I don't mind spending a little money if they will last a while, fit my long skinny hands and keep my hands in good shape. Quick scan of this site and I'm wondering about Radar Ergo Inside Out, Connelly Claw, Masterline K-palm, or any other suggestions.



  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 1,077 Crazy Baller
    You may want to try a bigger handle. It will give you a tick softer grip because the handle diameter is determined by the rubber.
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    I've become a huge fan of the Connelly Claw 3. Earlier gen Claw gloves I had problems with as far as not lasting but the Claw 3 has been the best I've ever used. I personally do not like the inside out designs at all as the extra seem material sticking out is just bulky and they don't feel nearly as form fitting . Related, agree with @dave2ball on possibly a handle change to help.
  • DavidNDavidN Posts: 612 Crazy Baller
    My wife swears by the Radar Atlas gloves.
    She has long skinny fingers and small wrists as well.
  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 854 Crazy Baller
    Depending on how old your gloves are, sometimes with a bit of research you can find old stock.

    I loves the old ML k palms when they were blue and black. When they went green the fit was way off and the fingers were too long and skinny. I hunted the internet to find any old pairs I could.

    For what its worth, you may like the kpalm. I am short and "big boned" so the fit would be more suited to you than me.
  • jmhjghjmhjgh Posts: 14 New Baller
    If your hands are hurting, also try the Radar palm protectors or similar under your existing glove.
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    Your gloves fit great, but is there room under them for a liner of some kind? I use two pair of cotton (I think) liners under my ski gloves. You can buy them at Tractor Supply, hardware stores, and probably Walmart. They work great as hand protectors and are very inexpensive.
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    +1 for using a liner but I use the cut resistant kind. Hands don’t get tore up or hurt, I won’t ski without them.
  • Fastguy888Fastguy888 Posts: 125 Baller
    I am really digging my Miami Natique Miami Vice Gloves (match my '94 Tige color scheme perfect too). I ordered a set of Men's Large from them, the fingers were too short. I was able to do a quick return and got the XL. Was pleased the XL had about the same size palm just with longer fingers. If the same sizing logic scales to your size, you may find a good fit.
  • quinnequinne Posts: 73 Baller
    Thoughts on difference/pros/cons in amara and kevlar palm?
  • MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 1,010 Crazy Baller
    IMO kevlar provides a far superior grip, but can be harder on the handle.
  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 5,142 Mega Baller
    The age old suggestion is to have ladies use open finger gloves/ 3/4 gloves which allows for relatively long skinny fingers to be in relatively smaller gloves. Many brands "stitch" cut lines into the fingers of all their gloves for this purpose as well.

    My wife hates open fingers but will cut the tips of 1 or 2 of the fingers for her longest digits. Doesnt' love it but lets her wear the size she wants.
  • quinnequinne Posts: 73 Baller
    Thanks for the feedback! @BraceMaker I tried cutting the finger tips several years ago and didn't like it. That's when I went to men's gloves.

    I purchased a pair of Masterline palm protectors to try under my existing gloves and the kevlar Radar BOA because they can tighten on the top of the hand. We'll see if that actually makes any difference or is just a gimmicky addition. The shop said I can try them out and send back if I don't like them.

    Thanks for the advice everyone! Always a really helpful forum!
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    The Ski Paradise glove by Gordon Rathburn has the longest fingers of any glove I have used. The Miami Ski Nautique gloves may be similar but I don’t know that for a fact.
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
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