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I am a rookie, an elderly (66) rookie, but a rookie, just learning the course. Looking for a training tip/advice. I am presently stuck at [email protected]/32 mph. To advance, should I keep working at -22/32 mph. (I did have a major (for me) break through yesterday, when I actually got to the outside of 5, so its a start) or should I back off to work on form and timing for a while, down to either 30 mph or stay at 32 mph and go back to 15 off. My preference is to keep working on -22/32, but if you think advantageous to back off, I will do that. Here are 2 passes from last week. The first is -22/30 and the second is -22/32. I think my form (as far as hips to handle) is much better at the slower speed. At 32, I pretty much am just muscling my way through it. It was a little choppy that day, so that affected form a little bit as well. Thoughts? TIA.

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    You'll want to spend 1/2 if not 3/4 of your time in length/speeds you can run consistently while working on various aspects of your form (working up from a pretty much sure thing/warm up pass.) Maybe starting with a 15/30, then a couple 15/32s then a couple 22/32s. You will want a couple passes at your hardest for practice with timing on those length/speed and just getting used to the speed. The easier passes are important tho, as won't make a lot of progress on form when you are scrambling for the next buoy.

    1st thing I see is your knees apart, weight heavy on back foot. Rotate left hip forward to square hips to ski, that will bring rear knee into front knee and more weight to front foot. Thats on both sides, but more so on-side cross.
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    SLOW THE BOAT DOWN, go to 15 off @ 26-28 until you can run the coarse...WITH the proper stance, form and technique. You have a serious break forward at the hips, waaaay too much weight aft...came close to a OTF on that first pass...
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    Your boat driver is running over the left-hand boat guides and needs to shift right. Some polite guidance driving through without a skier will help.
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    Need a better driver
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    Little changes = little improvements
    Big changes = big improvements

    Only partially in jest Larry,
    1) get up
    2) move so your life vest is in-between your elbows
    3) keep it there while you go side to side

    Seriously, we want to hear you go "wow!"
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