I'll say it, "Nautique wakes suck at some speeds/lengths" - anyone disagree ?

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should this be a poll ? pretty easy to do BTW
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    You talking specifically the newer SN? Every boat is going to have it's good/bad lengths and speeds, but it does sound like the newer SN bad a nastier side to it than most others.
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    That thing has gotten in my head so bad that I don't even want to ski when it is used at tournaments. The good / bad news there is only one in my area so it doesn't happen often.
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    22/34 is a really goofy wake on the new Nautique. It's not only big but the ski going over it is an odd feeling. Didn't notice anything at 28 or 32 off, skied once behind it in a tournament this year. If the looks weren't bad enough the wake is further guarantee that I don't want one of these.

    That said I don't care for the TXI wakes either. Our 21 has a ridiculous curb at 28/34, takes some getting used to. I don't know if those just came out if the mold wrong this year or what, but sheesh, brutal.
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    Heh, half reminded me of class c tournaments decades ago, they would tow the Jr girls and Jr boys with the 2001sn promo at 22-24 mph, brutal. Not cool. Downright child abuse.
    Those with pull lobbied so the M1 M2 got the MC or supreme promos,
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    The Ski is fine, just different, it will catch you off guard though, the TXI is nasty hard, much worse in my opinion, however there are some TXI '21's out there that are not as bad
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    I end up skiing behind a 200 the most, even though we own a '17 prostar. It really makes me appreciate the wake behind the prostar. That 1st 22 behind our boat is soooo nice.
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    All of the boats are getting to be too big and too heavy. The Ski Nautique wake is bigger at 22 off 34 MPH than my '94 Ski Nautique, beyond that it is okay. It kicked my butt at the Midwest Regionals where I fell on my opener. I was not expecting the bump. I was better prepared at Nationals. The Pro Star is the best for slalom hands down. I like the Ski Nautique, and the Malibu for tricks. I like the 2010-2018 Ski Nautique 200's the best for both slalom and tricks. The Carbon Pro was a great boat too. I would go back to that design and try to make them lighter and quicker, and maximize floor/cockpit space. Keep 3 event boats 20 feet or less and under 3000 lbs.
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    I'll throw out my opinion that's barely worth $.02.

    Most of you are way further along than me, I'm just now starting to make consistent -15/34 passes and a few buoys @ -22 here and there. Novice at best but gaining ground at a decent pace, I think.

    Beginning of this year most of my passes were at 26, 28, or 30 mph. I'm convinced our club's 2020 TXi was trying to kill me. I hated the -15 wakes at slower speeds, and after a bunch of bad OTF's and ugly wake crossings setting me up poorly for turns, it became a big mental issue for me. The wake and roostertail seemed very hard, steep, and tall. I much preferred skiing behind my 2015 Prostar, and I also liked the late model Ski Nautique and 200; I have about 4 sets each behind both Nautiques. My favorite -15 wake is probably the Ski Nautique-- it just felt like I was cutting through foam, from what I remember. With that, I would have assumed it's great all the way up the line, but it sounds like there are other opinions from those who have been there.

    Now that I've bumped up the speed on the TXi, along with continuing to improve my skillset, it doesn't bother me as much, but at -15 or -22, I still feel a difference and still prefer being behind the Prostar, if I'm being honest. Guys in our club are running into -35 and -38, behind the TXi, so as I told myself all along, its obviously not the boat holding me back. More of just a "comfort thing" and ease of learning at longer/slower speeds.

    When it comes down to it, I'm just happy to be skiiing, no matter the boat.

    Someday I'll be able to comment on the wakes at shorter line lengths, but not now.
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    The MC is where it’s at although I end up practicing behind a 2008 Nautique for 99% of my sets
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    I’ve missed more openers behind the new Nautique than any other boat. By a wide margin. The wake is huge. Ridiculous huge. I don’t even like going to tournaments pulled by that boat. It’s a waste of money. I can get a better ride in behind a 1991 than a 2021? That’s a joke, just not a funny one
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    @aupatking curious, what is your usual opener?

    Like I said above, I have fond memories of some passes behind a new Ski Nautique, but that was earlier this year when I was a much different skier than I am now.
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    My personal opinion: the 200 was a better skiing and driving boat.

    The new boat does not have a defined curl at the wakes(where I start my pull outs) just turbulence, distracting at a minimum. The wakes are more disruptive for lighter/smaller/ skier and/or don’t hold edge/ stack behind the boat. Additionally the hookup off the buoy at 38 and shorter seems to have a small delay and abruptness. Either I have adapted or a change with the 20/21 boats feel much better where I don’t really care what boat is pulling me.
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    I love the 200. I love the Prostar. I’m not averse to the TXI. 22 off at 34 is my opener and I only do it to make certain I’m in rhythm for later passes. It’s just my “can’t miss” pass behind anything other than the new SN. I guess if I’m getting a damn near zero score I should just risk it and start shorter
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    I'll bet that at least 2-3 times a year I get an inquiry about whether I want to sell my 6L 200. I believe that in the quest to chase shorter line lengths the manufacturers have gone too far trying to widen the boat and flatten the wake. I'm a CC fan, however, when I drive the Ski Nautiques I swear that sometimes the engine noise reminds of a piece of agricultural equipment.
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    Except 22 off 👎
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    @Jody_Seal people were saying the same thing about the 21 Prostar watching Brett Ellis ski at.. was it.. King of Darkness? Something along the lines of “poor kid hitting those wakes and bouncing” So, Nautique is out, Mastercraft is out… what do we do with the kids?
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    Here's the thing about 22 off at 30, 32 and 34 mph. The microtuners are not deployed. Try setting at any of the shorter settings say 32 off. I find it to be much better.
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    Here's another thing Nautique is ignoring. Some boats are better or worse than others, both driving and wakes (rooster tail). The hydrogate can be fine tuned to achieve better handling and better wakes for slalom. But, it is a super secret adjustment, and nobody will admit knowing this. If you get one that's right, it's much better to drive and ski behind.
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    It’s like we’re stepping back in time a dozen years to that horrific Mastercraft that was a great trick boat and a shitty slalom boat. How the tide has turned.
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    So all of these newer boats, and slightly older boats for that matter--for slalom are tuned for high end slalom. What happens at lower speeds longer lines is an after-thought unless for some reason both can be had--particularly if any of them want to throw a trick wake as opposed to worrying about a slow speed/long line slalom wake.

    Those of us skiing 28 off openers and shorter probably don't care much. For those skiing longer/slower there is a big difference.

    Ski partners have told me the 196 was just fine at longer lines/slower speeds, as is the 2014 and newer Prostar, and the Carbon Pro. I don't hear great things about the others.

    What's the word out there for boats that treat longer line/slower speed ok, but produce world class shortline wakes? Is this the classic conundrum you get one or the other but not both...and manufacturers of tournament boats are going to favor the shortline wakes?

    If all we needed was tiny wakes for longer line/slower speed slalom you would pull it with an outboard barefoot boat.
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    Part of the reason why it's so hard to get kids at low speeds excited about course skiing when they are practically surfing side to side.
    The "classic 200" is great. The new 200 definitely has an "old school bump" at 34-'22.
    I have not noticed it as much on the ugly-yet-pricey Ski Nautique. I train behind a CP. This year I skied all three boats in tournaments and after 22' I don't notice much difference which I think is a good thing.
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    I don’t think their building boats for the average skier.
    -32 and shorter
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    @jimski agree. So you get what you get longer/slower the boats are tuned for shortline slalom and maybe tweaked just a bit to help at longer/slower...but not if it harms shorter/faster.
    This makes it hard for beginners.
    I was into 35 off at 36 mph behind barefoot outboards before regularly skiing inboards and getting into tourneys--so I've never dealt with an obstructive wake of any kind.
    Bummer the big wakes for skiers trying to deal with body position but then hit a VW Beetle in the middle of the wakes and we all say hey...just hold your position thru there. I want NO part of that hump and glad my opener and beyond are past anything resembling that crap.
    I have 2 nephews just now starting to run 15's at max speed and will go to 22--geez I don't envy fighting that spot while they still are working on good body position. Yeah yeah we all fought the 22 hump (ok I didn't note above), but it would be nice if that wasn't a right of passage to 28's.
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    Spray of the hull sucks. ESP on a tight turn around lake.
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