A Brighter Future for Pro Waterskiing as Waterski Pro Tour partners with IWWF

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International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) and Waterski Pro Tour are pleased to announce their new relationship as they unite to promote professional waterskiing.

Earlier this year the IWWF replaced the Elite Point structure that had governed professional waterskiing with an improved competitive framework developed by Waterski Pro Tour. In doing so, a unified, global tour of all IWWF-sanctioned professional waterski events was created. This tour brings together both the historic, tentpole events with the new and emerging under one banner in an effort to further capture the imagination of the growing pro waterskiing audience.

IWWF and Waterski Pro Tour have now taken the further step of officially partnering. This reflects their common goal of promoting awareness of, and engagement with, professional waterskiing globally.

Under the partnership IWWF will remain the regulators and decision-makers of the technical aspects of pro waterskiing. The Waterski Pro Tour will market pro waterskiing, foster corporate relationships and support existing and emerging pro waterski events.

“I remember the excitement of the Café de Colombia Waterski World Cup and Coors Light Waterski Tour and enjoyed watching ski legends battle each other for the gold. Today, we start a new chapter in professional waterskiing that will take our sport back into the public’s view for the new generation to enjoy.” – Jose Antonio Perez Priego, IWWF President

"I am very excited to see the IWWF and Waterski Pro Tour work hand in hand to give pro waterskiing the visibility it deserves. We are looking forward to taking the many opportunities to grow the sport we are all so passionate about." - Manon Costard, Waterski Pro Tour co-founder, IWWF Athlete Rep and current women's slalom World Champion

International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) is the world governing body of towed water sports. Founded in 1946, it is recognised by the International Olympic Committee as the sole authority governing all towed water sports and has over 90 affiliated member federations worldwide.

Waterski Pro Tour was founded in 2020 with the aim of accelerating public engagement with the global sport of professional waterskiing
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    @The_MS The Malibu Open is at a public venue.. Johns Island (Trophy Lakes)... where festivals are held among other things and is well known locally. Best of both world actually.

    Agree with being at as many public viewed waterways as possible. But, it will only work if it is announce in how many feet of rope the skier is working with vs how many feet is laying on the floor of the boat. Joe Public will NEVER understand what's going on if announced in feet off. Even if "feet off" is explained frequently to them, I can't imagine Joe Public not thinking that it's the dumbest way to call rope length or lack there of.
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  • slowslow Posts: 500 Crazy Baller
    Joe public doesn’t care
  • unksskisunksskis Posts: 613 Crazy Baller
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    Fostering corporate relationships, like an exclusive towboat agreement.......
  • WishWish Posts: 8,400 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    @slow, not true. Joe Public will watch as it is a visually amazing sport with amazing boats. But, their attention span will be rather short if they have no clue what is going on as each pass looks the same. Easy to understand numbers that get smaller in rope length vs the number getting bigger.
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  • igkyaigkya Posts: 784 Crazy Baller
    Agree with @Wish on rope length. Joe public will watch... Boats, beers and bikinis, who wouldn't watch? Or maybe I'm just longing for the good ol days of Hot Summer Nights.
  • skimtbskimtb Posts: 522 Crazy Baller
    If I got to vote, I would vote to Also use feet of rope vs meters. Even if it’s weird numbers like 33.6 ft and shortening to 32.0.
  • RazorRoss3RazorRoss3 Posts: 1,399 Mega Baller
    Non skiers are not going to go out of their way to watch competitive skiing unless it’s part of a broader something. How many non-mainstream sports do you go out of your way to watch outside of the Olympics if you aren’t a participant? First thing is first, engage current skiers (members/nonmembers/buoy hunters/free skiers). I think the waterski pro tour is addressing that problem. You need to engage people who already have skis in hand, once you engage that group you can loon at ways to grow beyond
  • The_MSThe_MS Posts: 6,454 Member of the BallOfSpray Hall Of Fame
    You need 1000s of spectators in order to gain sponsorship and prize money.
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    For the pro competitor, do you want to ski at a site with compromised conditions in the hope of public & fan attendance -or- do you want to ski / compete in a location that provides world class conditions as those seem to be hidden gems with difficult general access? Can public appealing locations be world class? Best of luck with the initiative, I think it has opportunity in areas where water skiing is more of an emerging sport, difficult challenge in the US where so many other options exist.

    What are the measurement metrics to determine success?
  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 672 Crazy Baller
    Jeeze - tough crowd...
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  • The_MSThe_MS Posts: 6,454 Member of the BallOfSpray Hall Of Fame
    Just want it to work so they all get big pay checks
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  • MastercrafterMastercrafter Posts: 121 Baller
    For what its worth, every non-skier friend who lets me show them some TWBC clips showcasing professional waterskiing is usually impressed at a minimum. Some have commented that they can't believe how fast they go, how hard they pull, how big the crashes are, etc. My favorite comment yet was "I can't believe he didn't just 'Mr Potatohead' and rip his arms right out".

    Getting it into the public eye might help pick up a few more fans along the way. As stated before, figuring out a better way to convey what's happening with rope length and buoy count will definitely help.

    With that said, Worlds in Malaysia was a mess and situations / sites like that should probably be avoided.

  • Cooper_TrelawneyCooper_Trelawney Posts: 278 Solid Baller
    I'm not sure what is so hard about saying that:

    "the standard rope length is 75 ft. Beginners use a 75 ft rope. Our professionals are so good, they start with 32 feet taken off the rope and with each completed pass through the course, more rope is taken off; making it shorter. The guy who completes the most bouys on the shortest rope length wins."

    Idk, I understood it as a kid. I think we don't give Joe Public enough credit.
  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,673 Mega Baller
    Exactly @Cooper_Trelawney Start with 75, then CUT it !
    Either way, that is not why the gp doesn't watch waterskiing
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  • BraceMakerBraceMaker Posts: 4,915 Mega Baller
    The Malibu open in milwaukee was special.

    With a small small small amount of planning you could line it up with one of the many beer fests and similar. Same park, they fence the beer area off just a bit towards the lake of where the skiing is. You could get the beer organizer to run an enclosed loop up with stadium seat by the jump or heck I strongly doubt most people would comolain about having to buy 4 beer tickets to get to the center stage of the lake.

    Dont even bother with the lines. Just say each pass gets harder with a shorter rope or a faster speed. Despite the idea that metric is easier the fact that the rope lengths get shorter as the number gets bigger just works. Heres the 39 pass!

    A visual on site would solve the rope length just have a mainline on a post and set a bouy out. If youve ever tossed a 43off line off your boat to see how long the rope is you get it instantly how short that is.
  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 672 Crazy Baller
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    I think it's great to have some standardization and a brand to begin to tie together these individual events that are starting to really come into their own.

    If we ever want to see an actual pro tour again - this is a step in the right direction IMO.
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  • DragoDrago Posts: 1,673 Mega Baller
    Either way, that is not why the gp doesn't watch waterskiing
    SR SL Judge & Driver (“a driver who is super late on the wheel and is out of sync”)
  • WishWish Posts: 8,400 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    @Drago you’re a tag vague. Are we supposed to just guess why? Help out and let us know why u think Joe Public would look away or walk away if a pro stop was at public venue...perhaps with a festival or something going on at the same timing. . Maybe what your thinking has a solution.
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  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,629 Mega Baller
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    SF Bay Area (Aquatic Park), Sacramento (Bel Aqua), Orlando, Okeheelee, Milwalkee, Houston, Seattle, New York (Twin Lakes) millions of residents easy airport access and plenty of hotels.
  • gsm_petergsm_peter Posts: 825 Crazy Baller
    Being an average waterskier I do not forsee a huge difference. However I do hope it will simplify and improve for the athlets.

    Without public any sport is just a hobby and there are not much money in it.
    With public it can make money for the pros.

    I agree with wish.
    Using Imperial units is not beneficial for the sport.
    Maybe it is not a big deal?
    Waterskiing is the only sport that I know of that provide rounded values annonced to be exact. 'waterski mph' and 'waterski feets'....

    A rope is not 75 feet. It is about 75 feet.
    One does not take off 28 feet. One take off about 28 feet.
    The boat speed is not 36 mph. The speedometer is adjusted to show a corupt value.

    Life is too short not to enjoy every day!
  • tjs1295tjs1295 Posts: 116 Baller
    I hate to say it, but there needs to be more action to get the general public (or probably plenty of water skiers) watching. I understand it's the nature of the sport, but 17 seconds of action followed by 1-2 minutes of nothing, makes for a long day. Two boats, with two skiers at opposite ends, at the same time. Something like the head to head at Hilltop. That was much easier to watch.
  • tjs1295tjs1295 Posts: 116 Baller
    @Broussard I agree about that for the TV audience, but I'm thinking mostly about being at the event in person. I think I would be bored out of my mind after a couple hours. Unless there is something else to do right at the grounds like in Milwaukee on the Summerfest grounds. Especially if skiers start running the same pass twice. :D I wonder if more people would attend if the water ski tournament was not the main attraction? I picture a lot of my non-skiing friends stopping to watch some skiing as they walk and drink at Summerfest. Obviously that would be really hard to organize something like that.
  • BroussardBroussard Posts: 672 Crazy Baller
    @tjs1295 I think Moomba proves that it works... just hard to put together.
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