Congrats Sean Hunter, U21 World Champion!

ZmanZman Posts: 1,881 Mega Baller
Slalom World Champion!
Congrats to all the skiers - great event, great competition.
As usual, awesome broadcasting by TWBC!


  • jjackkrashjjackkrash Posts: 1,015 Mega Baller
    That was a fantastic event.
  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,881 Mega Baller
    @kc. And, a studly move by Sean to start at 13m for the finals, setting up a headwind 10.25, but forcing himself to run 10.75 downwind. Wow!
    Up to then, most started at 14.25 to have a headwind 10.75.
    Plus, an epic battle and runoff against his good friend, Jamie Calhoun. Two great skiers.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,847 Mega Baller
    Congrats Sean!
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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