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Hi I have an 08 Response lxi an looking to put zero off in it. I believe I need a new ecm because I do not see econtrols on my ecm. Does anyone know where I can buy an econtrols ecm for my boat. Thanks in advance. Also I call my malibu dealer and they were no help at all.


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    Contact ZO or, since it's a Malibu try Dennis Kelley.
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  • I’ve left 5 messages with zero off and 3 emails and no contact back so how do I contact Dennis Kelley.
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    if you find one, please post. I don't think you can get the 'new' required ecm. i don't think they still make them. also think Doug Moss sp? is pretty knowledgeable with this upgrade.
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    @Ginganinja I upgraded my 08 Response to Zero off when i had it.
    You def need the new ecm. if you pm me your contact info i will pass it on to DK
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    @teammalibu I have DK's contact info, as I bought my boar from him. I didn't think they could get new ecm required for zero off upgrade. if so, I'm interested. thanks
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    I have also tried multiple times recently to contact zero off via phone and email with no response.
    I would like to upgrade to my 2013 SN 200 5.7L from dual puck to single puck. Does anyone have any contacts at Zero off or someone who can help for a Nautique?
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    @ski6 If you want to upgrade to single ECI puck, simply go to their website and order the puck and the software upgrade to RevS. You must provide the serial number of the system.
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    @ski6 any progress in getting your order in for the ECI upgrade? Once you get the puck, you can't rely totally on the Freddy Kruger youtube video to connect it. There's more to it.
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