Ski Nautique 200 and Boatmate Pro Trailer - Best Ramp Angle?

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I am considering a 2017 SN200 with boatmate PRO trailer with crash pads. I have read the "BOATMATE #%$@^&#%# Trailers" and "Boat Mate trailer problems Ski Nautique 200 OB". SO the bow chine scuffing can reportedly be minimized by floating boat on and off. I have also heard that damage happens coming off more.

My questions: have you found steeper ramps of shallower ramps work better? what angle of ramps?


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    Unless you're putting in your own ramp...I'm not sure you're going to have a lot of option. Certainly there will be a sweet spot that works best. Floating on sounds great, but requires the trailer be in deeper especially with the height of an inboard trailer. This can result in the back wheels, and tail of a truck getting into the water. The height of the hitch can effect that a lot also. A level trailer is ideal for trailering, but a lower tongue actually can help when floating the boat on. A moderate combination of floating vs power on is usually ideal, and does vary with ramp angle.
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    Here is the fix for that trailer.

  • PatMPatM Posts: 830 Crazy Baller
    Also Spray the bunks with liquid rollers a few times during the year. BE Careful though with it. I only spray the bunks from a couple feet behind the roller towards the front of the trailer. No need to spray anything else. And yes bury the trailer if you can in the water.
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    The mechanical roller works great. Be very, very careful with liquid rollers.
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    Like @PatM detailed is the fix for many trailers. All of our ramps drop off and the bow comes in too low for the V bunk up front. Add that roller and it makes cranking lift it up instead of sliding it over the tip of the bunks.
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    @PatM I saw on other post that you had welded in. The original fix is bolted somehow?

    How far in do you put the trailer? Are guides still exposed?

    Also, front chine still sits on the bunk when level?
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    I had received this fix which was originally intended to fix similar issues with the 2019 Ski Nautique. They said to give it a shot. The bolted on version hit the front tracking fin. I took it to a local welder with lots of knowledge and had him weld it permanently.
    I try to put it in the water so only a few inches of the front bunks are out of the water. If you can.
    I have the roller lifting the chine about 3/4 off the bunk when sitting level
    I also used some shims to manipulate the bunk high in different places. Let me know and I can get into specifics on that. Nothing is perfect but two years later and all is still good
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    So I realize this is not pictures of the exact same boat and trailer. My experience with boat trailers is they can look really cool or function really well and sometimes if designed really well both but not usually. This is a Trail-Rite trailer and a AIR Air Natique. However, how the boat sits on the trailer and were the roller sits in relation to the tracking fins and the ends of the bunks along with roller height should be similar on direct drive boats. I never have any problems loading or un-loading my boat as this trailer is set up. Ramp angles and water depth make all the difference and very few are alike. I almost always float my boat on.

    I also show a picture of the vertical up rights with roller tubes at the end of the trailer with holes drilled in the top so the rollers do not float up as the trailer backs into the water. I have placed striping tape every six inch as this allows me to easily see the depth of the trailer while backing in the water. The trailer came with this style of up right but they were too short.

    Originally when bringing the boat on the trailer the top of the up rights would be below the rub rail on a variety of ramp angles. So I had longer pipe threaded so the top of the up rights is above the rub rail on any ramp. This made loading this boat and trailer combo simple. I also added electric over hydraulic braking to this trailer as I almost always
    tow in the mountains on steep to very steep roads and the surge brakes were a problem.
    Hope some of this information is helpful.

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