Freak Accident

Thought you might like to see some pictures of my ski and handle after a fall last week. I hit the six ball which caused my hand to go forward forcing the tip of the ski to go in the small V of the handle behind the cross bar. Some how the small spectra rope of the cross bar cut into the ski. Fortunately my front binding released but the back not so much because of the angle of the ski when the boat pulled it forward. My foot did come out but broke a bone in my foot and strained all of the ligaments and tendons.


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    Wow! Went thru your ski like a cheese slicer!! Heal up soon & welcome to BOS
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    Holy crap! Hope you are able to heal up quickly. I knew Spectra is strong stuff but it must have really hit the ski with some speed.
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    The D3 skis are extremely strong to manage the lengthwise and twisting forces of skiing with the desired flexibility. They are also extremely light because they aren't loaded up with thick reinforced resin near the edges. As a result the sidewalls don't withstand a high impact as well as an older much heavier composite ski. As you said it was a freak accident . . not may ways to get a high compression hit into the side of the ski while skiing.

    I hope you have a successful recovery from your injury . . I am sure the boat yanked the ski off your foot in a direction that could never happen in an ordinary fall.
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    I am anti- arm protector for the reason demonstrated in your photo. While the arm guard will most likely keep your head out of the V, if you get your arm in there (or apparently your ski!) it is going to be severely injured. I think (with no data to support my conclusion) that you are vastly more likely to get an arm through the V than a head.

    @Ballpark is your handle a 12 or 13?
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    wow crazy!! hope you heal up fast!!
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    I had exactly the same thing happened to me sliding around six fall. Broke my ski and flipped me up in the air but fortunately I didn’t get hurt
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    That is completely insane. Wow.
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    Everything on my arm deflector rig is designed to break away easily. The goal is to block off an area without creating a snare. Small zip ties and inner tube material. Same reason I don't wear gloves that have giant straps on them of nylon webbing, why create a situation where they could be entangled in the handle and rip my arm off.

    I can't believe how strong that little 1/8" of spectra is! That's an absolute nightmare if an arm got caught in there. Design should be changed immediately.
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    There is a lot of "theory" regarding various types of handle guards that have been hashed, and re-hashed in other threads. Since there are a couple anti posts here, I feel I should balance those comments so far...

    Yes, there's not a lot of data to support....theres also not enough data to reject. With the 100% fatal results of a head through the handle (has anyone survived that?) and the fact that pretty much ANY type of guard will prevent the head going through, that alone makes it worth while even if you did risk getting an arm stuck. But considering its a small risk that IF your hand/arm gets in, that guard MIGHT resist it coming out. Again....its all theory/speculation. I think there have been one or 2 accounts of people getting a hand in the handle with a guard of some sort? But still nothing conclusive that says that in the same situation the hand would have come out easier. In fact the guard may have prevented it from going in deeper. I will say that generally people that use the FM guard above cut off the center piece that extends up to the handle, maybe as much to prevent an obstruction in grabbing the handle, than a safety point. I use the same FM guard and feel its flexible enough that if my arm gets in, its not going to resist it coming out much (if any.) There are several other guards coming out now with similar concepts, hell ML even jumped on the band wagon finally. There is certainly choice in which type of guard you think is going to have the best combination of prevention without other risk, but I have no doubt in my mind that some type of guard is well worth any risks, and should be considered by anyone that skies.
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    So I wonder if in these accidents the skiers head actually goes through the handle? I’m thinking that if when falling forward the chin gets far enough over the bar that when the rope tightens up it snaps the head back and breaks the neck.
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    @skierjp There is at least one account on a thread here of a guy (can't remember his name) that just got his chin caught (I believe while using a mesh type handle guard.) Don't know exactly what damage occurred, but he is still with us to tell his tale thankfully....tho was out of commission in a neck brace for a good bit. He has commented on other threads promoting stiffer handle guards than the more flexible mesh type, that will hopefully push the handle a little farther out so it doesn't catch the chin. Still, much theory and speculation. I would guess there have been a few of just the chin catching, can't say the results but you don't hear a lot of accounts. I'm sure there are a variety of results. I'm also sure there have been a number of accidents where the head went significantly through, not likely many results but one.
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    I put my hand through a handle once, broke my wrist. I don't think any of the guards would have prevented that since only my hand past into the danger zone.

    Off topic, but did any of you see the women Pro Skier a year ago that pulled all the way to the 6 ball and then lost her balance and threw the slack rope into air, part of the rope came down behind her neck and some of the rope was ahead of her neck. The boat driver did a power turn to get back to her.

    From the boat camera and the boat it looked like she had a lasso loop around her neck for a moment but she escaped with a little abrasion behind her neck. That is too scary to think about. I don't want to say what could have happened.
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    @swbca same thing happened to Cole McCormick at the Swiss Pro last year.
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    @swbca I believe that was Brooke Baldwin if we’re thinking of the same incident. Very scary.
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    @ScottScott I recall a story on BOS of a collegiate skier (jumper I think) that ended up with her head through the handle and survived. But I don’t remember much detail.
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