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Let me start this story on memorial day weekend. I went to get up and my perfect pass decided that it was going to let the throttle cable unwind a bit when I was getting up. I’m six foot tall and weigh around 230 so needless to say I need all the throttle. Anyways while I was trying to stand up I felt a small pop in my right hip and my leg went numb. When the feeling came back in my leg I had a knot on the backside of my hip. It was pretty uncomfortable for several weeks and I decided that I would act like a grown up and not ski until it wasn’t bothering me. So…this weekend I decided I was gonna try again and I couldn’t stand up on the leg when I was trying to get up and again my leg went numb and now I’m incredibly uncomfortable again. Any ideas???? I hate going to the doctor for this kinda stuff cause it always leads to weeks of trying this and that all the while my small checking account keeps getting smaller. Thanks in advance
Hoping to get at least one set in before the ice


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    I would start with ice to the hip injured. Ice is one of the best solutions for pain there is. I can't tell you what you injured but based on your description I would think the hip is secondary to a spine out of alignment causing the pinched nerve and numbness. I would always need to recommend that you go see a Doctor. As it sounds like you are not going to do that. You might want to start some stretching in 5-7 days. The stretches need to include legs, hips, low & mid back, and abd as all of this area is connected and affects the other. There are specific stretches you can look up on line for low back and legs.

    Water skiing puts torsion on you body and can unequally strengthen your body allowing vertebra to become mis-aligned pinching nerves causing issues. I still recommend you see a doctor and get a picture of the area to see if you have joint damage such as a chipped head of your femur. If something like this is the issue the damage could become irreversible.
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    Pop in hip, numbness, knot…yeah. You need a doctor, or at least a chiropractor or ART therapist.
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