30 or 32?

I just graduated into Men's 9. My maximum legal speed is now 30 MPH. I can still run some decent passes at 32 MPH. Strange as it seems.......I can run the -15, -22, and 4/5 @-28 at 30 MPH or....-15, -22, and a couple at -28 at 32 MPH. The last tournament of the season is this weekend. I should be asking USA Water Ski but only think to ask at night!


  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,971 Mega Baller
    Sounds like you can get a higher buoy count at 32 mph, and your comfortable with that speed. If it's a C tournament, ski 32 mph.
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    Thanks for quick replies. This will be a short subject for the Forum! Decision made! I am so fortunate to still be skiing!
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    I really didn't see a question in your post, but if you're within a couple of buoys (as stated by @Zman and @lpskier) your buoy count (class C) will be higher. No matter what class there's not that much spread. Also as long as you feel comfortable with the higher speed, for heaven's sake, don't slow down!

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