Zack Worden update

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Reposted from @the_zack_worden Hello everyone, I know most of you already know about my jump crash on Saturday and thank you for reaching out checking on me and sending me messages. I’m currently in the trauma unit at ORMC with a spinal injury and a fractured sternum. The trauma team has me immobilized and the neurology team has scheduled my surgery for tomorrow. The goal is to fuse my thoracic spine with plates and pins to the two vertebrae above and below my T6 burst fracture. Fortunately, I dodged a bullet with this injury and the MRI shows that I don’t have any damage to the actual spinal cord and I have feeling and movement in my arms and legs. The head and neck CT scans were good with no bruising on my heart from the sternum fracture. Long term prognosis is great and the neurosurgeon believes I will not have any lasting damage from my injuries. Love you all. ❤️ thank you to my home team for being here for me.

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