Syndicate Omega Max Vs. Syndicate Omni

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I am sure that this question is early, however has there been any comparison between the outgoing Syndicate Omni and the new Syndicate Omega Max (Mark II)? From the marketing material, it seems that the later replaced the former. I am curious what the perception is on the evolution.


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    Think of them as convergent evolution.

    Both being a slightly wider ski, but the HO Omni is the offspring of the CoX CX TX ski lineage. They took the CX and widened it for a TX and averaged it for an Omni, they were making the CX in a syndicate type construction and bam. Syndicate Omni. But then price point wise and who was shopping for it people were buying more carbon Omni so they are discontinuing the syndicate Omni.

    HO Omega comes from different lineage and they too that and widened it and made a top tier higher area ski in one length. Then expanded that ski range to more lengths for mark II and now they have the Omega max mkII in more lengths and then they introduced a lower tier carbon version.

    The syndicate omni isnt being replaced by the omega they just felt it didnt have a real place in the market because for most skiers the carbon was plenty and 300 bucks cheaper.

    The omega max carbon they expect to be very popular.
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    I've just signed up for a Syndicate Omega Max ll, arrives mid November. Hope it lives up to the hype, this is my first non Radar ski.
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    @Dryfarmer of course there's a sweet spot with ski design and skier style that needs to match, but I went from a 2018 Vapor Pro Build to 2021 Syndicate Pro and really, really like it. I have a long ways to improve but the ski is ready for me. I think the Omega has a lot of potential too.
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    Does anyone have any idea when the Omega Max’s will be available? I know HO website says they have suspended the demo program due to “inventory issues”. Dying to get my hands on one before the end the season here in the northeast, but it’s not looking good.
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    @savaiusini ??

    I know in other composites industries Resin is still a bit scarce.
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    This time of year we tend to be a little hand to mouth as a large chunk of our early production goes to southern hemisphere distribution, sales reps, and events like Nationals. For Omega Max, we're expecting to have more units available to ship to North American dealers in November.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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    Where does the Carbon Omega Max into all this?
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    @OREGON85 It comes from the same mold as the Omega Max, but with a PU core instead of PVC.
    Sam Avaiusini - Operations Manager, HO Sports Company, Snoqualmie, WA
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    @Skiphreak I have a 2022 67" Omega Max on Ski-It-Again if you're interested. I like it but going to keep on my current ski for the remainder of the year, and maybe size down or try a regular Omega if I get the itch next year.
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    I purchased the 2022 Syndicate Omega Max from @Mastercrafter and was on a Carbon Omni for the past 4 years. While it isn't a comparison between Syndicate versions, the Syndicate Omni is largely gone anyway (except for the ones Perf Ski got). Also, I only have one set on the Omega Max before we shut things down for the year due to cold and needing to dredge the pond. From limited use by someone who is far from short line, here's what I can offer to those looking to buy over the winter.

    -First thing I noticed is how dramatically different the two skies ride. The Omni has a wider "clean edge" tail that rides considerably higher than the more traditional tail of the Omega Max. The Omega Max width below foot and forward is a bit narrower but not nearly as much. What I feel is that the Omega Max seems to want a bit more front foot pressure where the Omni can take a bit of rear pressure without putting on the brakes.
    -Second, the Syndicate is about half the weight and much stiffer. I didn't think this would be as incredibly noticeable as it was, particularly off the wake. I liked the added stiffness and reduced weight by the second pass; we will see if that holds true with more passes.

    These two things combined are really interesting at different parts of the course.
    -Pullout and glide: We have a real short setup and the Omega max took the more aggressive pullout and built speed fast. After that, it bled speed faster. The softer layup of the Carbon Omni means that more progressive loading is necessary to keep it from flexing and bouncing a touch (something that isn't a problem with a more normal course setup where progressive loading is possible). The Omni then holds that speed for longer, giving time in the glide. The Omega Max was much better for our setups right away. I was actually surprised because I had no slack and made the gates right from the first pass. That's something I have fought with my Omni because it keeps going. I'm sure this is a user problem with the Omni so take that assessment for what it is.
    -Cross course: The Omega Max surprised me with how much speed I had coming into the wake. Even better is how smooth it felt, I never felt squirrely and was always in control. I'll admit that I didn't go all out on the Omega Max being my first set. A couple of times I took it too easy at one or two ball and thought I was out of it. Instinct kicked in and I hit the proverbial throttle. I was across the course with room at the next ball so fast that it truly surprised me. The Carbon Omni doesn't build speed like that.
    -At the ball: I really didn't have enough time to say much about the Omega Max at the ball. One thing I did notice was how the tail smears more easily than the Omni shape. I tend to really get on my front foot and break at the waste a bit when in trouble in my turn, bad habits that I'm working hard on. On the Omni, I have to consciously tell myself to put a light force on my back foot and it comes around nice and smooth. On the Omega Max, I was so excited to ski it that I forgot that cue; it didn't matter. Simply remembering to stay tall and where to look was enough. That is not meant as a negative or positive, just an observed difference in how the ski rides. I rarely wheelie but imagine that someone who does would like the extra support from the Omni's tale.

    I really like both skies but they are quite different. The Omni is great for someone learning the course. It provides a lot of support and low resistance is easy on the body. The Omega Max is a bit more traditional while still giving solid support and stability. Will the Omega Max be the ski for me? We will find out next year. Based on one set, which is admittedly a horrible basis, I think the Omega Max may work better for my ski style and where I ski. Going to be a long winter for sure.
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    Bumping this thread - wondering if anyone else has spent some time on the omega max (mark II) and could provide some thoughts?
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    I have been riding the omega max mark ll for a few months now. I was on a 21 pro before that. Loved the pro, but you have to be on it all the time and I’m getting old and I wasn’t.

    The omega max is my favorite ski by far. It feels like a lot of ski underfoot, similar to the senate, that is, if you are not quite over the ski it doesn’t matter. but you can turn it as hard as you want and get a similar feel to the pro, it will do it all. The most amazing thing about this ski is that if you come in too fast it will just turn….. I couldn’t believe it the first time, but geez it does it without fail.

    Sizing - they did bring out other sizes but the 67 is the sweet spot. In fact I think the 66 is just a bit narrower.

    I have not ridden the omega to compare but I have a senate and skied it again to compare. The senate is a comfy ride, no surprises, easy speed easy turns but keep it easy. the Omega Max can be ridden like the senate, in fact any senate skier will feel at home on the max, but if you push the max wow, it’s amazing, I can get the same feel of angle out of the turns as the pro, but have more control on the lean and a big surface to stand on if I am out of position. my off side is now better than my onside, they feel automatic . It is the best ski I have ever ridden and you will have to pry it off my dead corpse……. And it’s cheaper than the omega. Don’t be fooled my the Max branding, it’s narrower than the vapor, it’s a very high end ski at a discounted price that anyone can ride……
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    Great insight, thank you. Hoping the 67’ syndicate version becomes available at some point here in the US. Haven’t been able to track one down since end of last season. Should have jumped when I had the chance.
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