Denali C85 feedback

Shadave1Shadave1 Posts: 8 New Baller
Curious to what the final verdict has been on the Denali C85. I bought the C75 last year and have really liked the ski a lot. Last year there were a lot of discussions about the ski all summer long.
Other than Horton's review,I have not seen or heard much about the C85.

Wanting to know what the overall feeling about the ski is.


  • BdeckerBdecker Posts: 350 Crazy Baller
    @lpskier pretty much summed up my experience with the C85. I road two for several weeks this summer, medium and stiffer flex pattern but both “mediums” per Denali. Crazy consistent at 35, which I hadn’t run in a tournament since 2019. At one point I had a streak of like 15 sets where I had run right to 38 off the dock. I then proceeded to blow an early five ball (on-side!) at the tournament… I had an extensive demo on a c75 last fall and ran some pretty consistent 35’s on that too, but the 85 was so much easier to jump on and ride.

    I could run wild passes on the 75 where I’d break at the waist, and suddenly be right back in it. The 85 seems to still have that but I rarely found myself in that position on the ski. It never felt like a radically unique ski like the 75 did for me, it was just crazy consistent. I’m not on it anymore, but I wouldn’t hesitate to grab it and ski a tournament with minimal practice sets. It’s a great ski.
  • Skoot1123Skoot1123 Posts: 2,134 Mega Baller
    @Shadave1 - looks like you have two high quality endorsements right there. I’m on a C75 and absolutely love it. You’ll never regret being on a Denali!
  • Shadave1Shadave1 Posts: 8 New Baller
    Thanks for the feedback. I was on a 68 NRG until I rode a buddy's C75 last summer and ordered one immediately. The C75 had the stability of the D3 but it really seemed to help me clean up my onside.

    Guess I'll have to get the C85 now.

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