Is a bigger ski better?

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I’m on the hunt for a new to me ski. I weigh 170lbs. My last ski was a c65 66” i did really like this ski and it worked well for me. Prior to that was a 2015 vapor 66” that at times I felt was a little on the small side. As I’m looking for skis now I notice my weight is right at the top end of 66” skis and bottom end of 67” skis. I’m running passes [email protected] I’ve heard “run the biggest ski you can turn”. But then I also read Fred winter on a 66” ski. Which way would you guys go?


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    Nate Smith runs a 67", Fred Winter 66" and the winner is......
    Ernie Schlager

    A Good One Ball Gives You Six
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    I don't know about the Denali's, but I think Bruce B is spot on. I used to think err on the side of a smaller ski so you can crank it around but cranking is old school. The new boats and ZO will tear you apart if you crank.

    My boy weighs 130 (but is growing like a weed) and is on a 66" Vapor; he moved from a 65" Vapor when he hit the lower recommended weight limit for the vapor. He starts at sub maximal speeds but gets into max speeds and is working on -28/34 and -22/36. I was a worried it was a bit too big but it still turns great and his scores keep improving.

    Honestly, I think you are ten pounds from 68" territory and not on the lower end of the 67" ski weight range, at least on a ski like the Vapor.
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    I am a tweener on many skis. 67/68. I like having more ski in front of me and appreciate the stability. However, the bigger ski is usually also stiffer relative to my weight so that not only am I trying to turn a bigger ski but not getting any help from the ski flex. D3 is really smart to offer two flex patterns of the same ski. I can't remember for sure the difference in the D3 flex numbers for same ski shape/size but it was around 4-5 pounds in the tip. I was surprised that so little made such as difference in the feel of the ski.
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    I have a friend that is an open skier and he made the switch to a longer ski. 66" up to 67" he is 36mph mid 39 weight is about 175. He took about 3-4 months to get used to it. near the end he mounted his old smaller ski and only took 1 set on it. He could not believe how much harder on his body it was.
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    I'm very interested in these comments too. I'm 175 lbs and am currently on an older 68' Obrien Mapple. For Christmas Santa plans to somehow get a 66' inch graphite Vapor down the chimney that will be shared by my 14 year old son an I. I'm worried that it will be too small for me, though will probably still fit him long term. I'm thinking I'd get by if I was still skiing at 36mph. At 34 mph I'm thinking I might be pushing it too far.

    I can always stay on my Mapple until I get my own 67 - either Vapor, Senate or some other brand.
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    Charlie Ross on a 67"...weighs zero pounds.. B)
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    @Jordan are you sure he's on a 67"? I believe he tried a 67" in the spring but was back to 66" by early summer. Did he go back up?
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    Sounds like the common theme is default to a larger ski. @ktm300 did you opt for the bigger ski with the softer flex?
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    @Dano I did not because on D3 the 67 is the right size; not in between. Goode offered different flex patterns for years; seem to have moved away from that. D3 has best demo in the business and will send you 2 skis to try at the same time.
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    Charlie is on a 66 at the moment I believe. Not all that long ago he was on a 65 tho. He’s definitely lighter than some that run a 66 but it clearly shows that long skis can work super well.
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