Reflex Nirvana Plus - review

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The Nirvana Plus is the mid-range slalom ski from Reflex. The Nirvana Plus is a wider version of the Nirvana. Besides being aesthetically beautiful, the most noteworthy attribute of the Nirvana Plus is its speed. This ski makes a surprising amount of speed with very little effort from the skier.

The speed of the Nirvana Plus becomes evident at the gates. For this review, I had to pull out earlier and lighter than normal. Once in the course, the ski’s inherent speed means the skier can work less and still be very early at every buoy.

The additional width of the Nirvana Plus provides stability from the second wake to the buoy.  This stability allows the skier to adjust and stand where they need as they approach the turn.

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The Nirvana Plus turns best when the skier is less aggressive, rolls the ski in, and lets the ski do the work.  Turns on both on side and off side are fast and sharp.


As with all mid-range skis the Nirvana Plus is designed to work best for skiers at longer rope lengths and slower boat speeds. The Nirvana Plus is best through 32 off  / 34mph ( 13m / 55k). For this review, the ski was ridden into 38 off (11.25m) but a standard width ski from Reflex would be a better choice for this level of skiing. 

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