Perfect Pass --Perfect Path?

EFWEFW Posts: 177 Baller
When I was speaking with perfect pass earlier this year they told me had there not been a chip shortage at the start of the season they would have had their own version out of that navigation appliance similar to surepath and the other system out there by Jim Dibella. I could be totally wrong on the name AKA perfect path. I could have totally misheard him on that. If it proves to be a marketable item they will have an integrated screen where you just switch screens at the touch of a button and you would flip from let's just say the slalom settings screen over to the perfect path screen similar to the sure path. It will be out this year, it will be a standalone system I believe he told me. It will be in a housing if you remember similar to the very first perfect pass system they sold. I'm sure you remember it was held on to the dash with velcro. Again please don't hold me to this I thought he said $1,200 plus or minus. But at any rate that's all I know. It's sort of funny though when I asked him if they had been planning anything new and additional in software for slalom and no at that moment he told me. I believe I was talking to Aaron. But the funny comment that he made was that it was so much easier working with the wakeboarders and surfers (wakesurfers?) Rather than the slalom skiers. Because he said they are so picky. Okay for what it's worth there you go


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    Well, what's to be picky about in wakeboard and surf?
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • S1PittsS1Pitts Posts: 365 Crazy Baller
    LOTS! Ok mainly dwell in speed. You don't have momentum helping keep the dwell down and are somewhat behind the power curve at slower speeds. My son who is a strong wakeboarder can easily kill 3-4 mph off the speed on a full cut to the wakes with hand driving. With speed control that drops to 1-2 mph
    Not sure about the surfers as I do not part-take in nor know anyone who does.
  • JaredJared Posts: 7 New Baller
    Surfing obviously you don't effect the speed of the boat at all, you don't have any way of putting load onto the boat. But consistent speed/steering can have a big impact on performance, by changing the shape/size of the wave, especially if you are not behind a $150K+ boat.

    I probably only surf 2-3 times /year, but do it behind the a response loaded with 8 people, and you need the driver to steer the wave into you a little bit.
  • BrennanKMNBrennanKMN Posts: 568 Crazy Baller
    I personally like the idea of a more 'weekend warrior' friendly SurePath like system. I'd love to have SurePath, but without a private site and members to help absorb the reoccurring costs it's difficult to justify.

    I don't need tournament accuracy, but something that will help make me and my crew better drivers with real time feedback would be great.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 31,811 Administrator
    @EFW are you saying that PerfectPass is working on a RTK GPS boat path monitoring system?

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  • EFWEFW Posts: 177 Baller
    @Horton - yes that's what he told me. It's done. It has been done for a while the chip shortage stopped them. You can put it on that Ski Brendella of your dad's.
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