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Just catching up today. Damn that was a fun tournament to watch! Huge congrats to Elizabeth Montavon on her first ever pro win!!

Gotta love her genuine, emotional reaction!
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    the runner up score of 1.25 [email protected] also seemed legit; cool to see such a slim 1/4 buoy margin of victory.
  • Luv2SkiLuv2Ski Posts: 44 Baller
    So awesome to watch! I was routing for her to get on the podium, and then to have a run off with Regina and take the win was just spectacular! Shocking to see Regina go down a bit early and have such a crash, but things can change in a split second in this sport. You just never know what will happen. Being to catch all the action thanks to the TWBC has been amazing this season!
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    I wondered about RJ crash. Throwing the ski out there could have been a disaster for her front knee if that plate didn’t let go fast enough. She appeared to be ok though. Those competitive juices Skiing judgement at times.
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