25 41s!!!

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I was just watching the video of the last Miami tournament. After Nate won it with a score of 1 @ 43, Wade was interviewing him and Nate said that he has ran, this year alone, 25 41s. That is just insane! What is he doing that is so different from everyone else that allows him to run it with ease! Nobody can even come close to that! Most of the dozen or so people who have ran 41 in a tournament, have only done it once or twice in their lives! As much as I dislike the guy, how can you say he isn't the goat?!


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    Agreed.... To win the masters 15 times and surpass Andy's overall tournament podium wins by one is Nate's goal in his skiing career as stated by himself when asked in interviews. Then and only then, can you call him The GOAT. I wish him all the luck in his quest to meet and beat Andy's record. I think if anyone can do it then it's Nate. He has many other talented skiers in the way so it's gonna be a tough journey. Amazing feet for sure but Ski Technology and advancement of boat/boat wake technology has definitely added more thrill and excitement to all disciplines.
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    Could be argued that it was the top scoring pro slalom season ever. Not sure though how the number of pro events this season compares to prior years.
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    @Garn - Why do you dislike him?

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    In the last five years, including practice, I’ll bet he has run more 41’s than 38’s.
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    @Wish your analysis of stance is SPOT ON
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    @6balls “close” to Nate’s body positions on the ski. Not running 41 50% of the time.

    Charlie R has a shot given time. IMHO
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    @scuppers With all the previous threads about Nate, if you're not familiar with it, I'm not going to go back into it.

    I would really like to understand what he does, why he is so dominant, and why don't the other pros pick up on what he is doing and replicate it.
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    @Garn fair questions the first two, but why don't others replicate? Seriously? What do you think they've all being attempting to do the last decade? Clearly it's not that easy, some people like he and Usain Bolt just find a vocation that they have an insane amount of god given ablility in and coupled with the the undoubted amount of hard work in training they prove to be almost unstoppable.

    You can't just be the best at something by 'replicating' what the best do.
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    I had a discussion with a very good skier and friend out of Germany about Nate and he summed it up better than most when he said don't try to work it out "some dudes can just ski" ...
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    Nate’s weight for his height have to significantly assist his great technique
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    Not that long ago, @CParrish43 was making 41 look pretty easy. At that time no body was even close to doing it except Mapple in his late 40s. Others like Jamie and Rogers were running it but not like CP
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    He’s just so light on the line he doesn’t spike the ZO and after his early edge change just uses it to ride a tight line out to buoy line. Maintains lots of speed in the turn so no digs for the boat and driver to adjust to. I reckon his height, light body weight helps and the flexible rubber Binding lets him shift his weight forward and back more easily (and prevent tip rise at the back of the ball) as @Wish suggests.
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    If not the GOAT now then the most consistent and highest scoring skier of all time. Scorebooks will be hard-pressed to be matched, if ever. He has had the advantage of skiing year round in all conditions. Most FL skiers have never seen a winter or take a day off when it comes. He can pull out amazing rides, in all conditions and under intense stress and heavy scrutiny. With his mental toughness, background, athleticism and talent it will be difficult to be beat his streak or records.
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    @NikolG he stays in Indiana, and skies there, in bad weather almost as much as he is in florida. There is video of him running 41 in a dry suit, and video of him skiing with snow on the banks, maybe in a shorty wetsuit if any thing..?
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    Yes that was my point, he can ski in anything and does. Maybe I worded it wrong, he’s not just a Florida skier picking the perfect days to practice. IMO he will always be head and shoulders above the rest because of his background skiing in these conditions.
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    Hello Whitem71 - how you doing?
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    This years Pro Tour final standings: Nate Smith 1st place with 8 wins out of the 12 tournaments (won 8 of 10 tournaments entered (and 1 2nd place finish.)) 2nd place skier just won 3 out of 11 tournaments entered, 3rd place skier had 0 wins. There was 1 other skier that won a single pro tour tournament.
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    @Mastercrafter I heard he took .05 length out of his bangs. Could explain the success this year.
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    No doubt Nate is phenomenal and the conversation about assessing how he does it is warranted and interesting, but the comparisons to Andy Mapple kind of reminds me (for those of you old enough to remember) of the LLoyd Bentson-Dan Quayle vice presidential debate where Dan Quayle compared himself to John Kennedy and Lloyd Bentson replied "I knew John Kennedy, John Kennedy was a friend of mine, you are no John Kennedy"
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    I alway felt Lloyd Bentsen paid Dan Quayle a complement.
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