Spraymakers Episode 27 - Listener Feedback

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  • vtmechengvtmecheng Posts: 940 Crazy Baller
    Good stuff. I do think there are some personal decisions with handle guards. The simple spectra string can have negatives too but they maybe on to something with the zip tie connection. That’s why my piece of thin plastic has holes that are close to the edge, they will rip through before my arm is broken.
  • whitem71whitem71 Posts: 69 Baller
    Has anyone actually been injured by a spray guard? Trent was quite adamant that they are potentially dangerous if not designed or used correctly…wonder what masterline think about that?
  • KRoundyKRoundy Posts: 609 Crazy Baller
    I was shocked and delighted when my simple question was picked out for discussion by Rossi and Trent! I thought it was a very informed discussion and will be interested to see if Rossi finds a guard that he likes next year. I sure agree with the idea of putting one on the ropes that kids use. I had not considered your arm getting stuck in one of the larger or more restrictive guards. I personally started ordering the guards from Brenda at In Tow quite a few years ago and have had no issues with them.

    Rossi and Trent - thanks for taking on my question! My last name is Roundhill. Friends called me "Roundy" growing up and that's origin of my BoS handle.
  • wawaskrwawaskr Posts: 382 Crazy Baller
    As Rossi mentions, use your own judgement on handle guards, and you do you. Comments about someone thinking it is the "safest" are completely opinion, and have no data to back them up. Keep in mind too, some of these deaths were caused by the actual handle catching the person's chin, snapping their heads back, breaking their neck....
  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,821 Mega Baller
    Another excellent episode! Year round health and fitness all good and glad to here about another skier using the cross bar.
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