Spraymakers Episode 28 - Listener Questions

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The boys continue on last week's episode by answering some more submitted questions. They tackle rope shortenings, especially from 28-32 and 35-38, as well as dropping into the turn.
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    Gold. The first section, the first 15 minutes or so, every skier that wants to improve needs to listen to until they accept it. Well put. I always say "if you're going to ski that easier pass, ski it with purpose and/or ski it like the next pass".

    Playing with lowering speed... ugh that's going to be a tough one for me but I have to believe you guys! The fear is getting "used" to the slower speed and losing the ability to ski 34, particularly 32 mph vs. 34.2. Probably an unfounded fear, but I wonder if this is different/more significant than 36 vs. 34.
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