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kirkbauerkirkbauer Posts: 40 Baller
I'm about to get back into serious regular slalom skiing this summer. Most of my experience was 25 years ago when I was in high school. I still have the (shorty) wetsuit from then. I'm thinking it is time to get a new wetsuit, or perhaps two -- a full-body (for when it is cold) and a shorty (for most other times). I prefer a wetsuit as it takes some of the sting out of many falls, etc.

Any suggestions on the best type of wetsuit(s) for slalom skiing? I'm in central Georgia if that makes a difference.

Additionally, when I was young, I never wore a life vest while doing slalom. I find the standard vests to be pretty cumbersome now. But I see pictures of people doing slalom with what appear to be pretty form-fitting/low-profile life vests. But when I search around to buy a life vest I don't seem to find vests that look like those.


  • RednucleusRednucleus Posts: 801 Mega Baller
    Check out Stokes for both great vests and wetsuits!
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    Eagle works for me. D3 markets a vest with their logo that looks good on their website, but I haven't seen one in the wild.
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    Call Performance Ski and Surf in Orlando. They have lots of options for wetsuits and slalom vests. Bill, Mike, and the crew will get you outfitted!
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    You are looking for a "non-coast guard approved" competition vest. Or NCGA.
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    @kirkbauer - as @ETskier noted, look for comp vests (non cga) . They won’t float you as much but are light and form fitting. Others above already gave great brands. Eagle, Oneil, stokes, and many more. You’ll find what works best for you.
  • JmoskiJmoski Posts: 459 Crazy Baller
    I ski with an older version of this vest:

    I’ve had comp vests peel up over my head in bad crashes, so I switched to this one as a good compromise given I often ski with just my wife as the driver.
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    There are many types of comp vests. Zipper, pullover (cardigan) zipper with buckles, side zipper. Safety is always essential so yes always consider your skiing partner(s). Can they get you out of the water or on the platform if necessary? I have and use all types. Fortunately have never had a problem with any even in some world class falls, but have heard of others like @Jmoski that have. Yes you can get hurt in this sport!
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    D3 is making a really good life vest (by Camaro).
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    Stokes! Best stuff out there but they run small order up a size (or two). Best shorty and suit I have ever owned--and I'm not new to this game.
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