Ideas for organizing ski equipment on boat dock

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Ballers - I have a decent size boat dock, but no real place or system to put skis, ropes, vests, etc. out of the way.

If there is only a couple of skiers it's no big deal - there's plenty of shaded area around the dock to just lay things down and plenty of room to walk without tripping.

However, yesterday I had 12 people (9 skiers) on the dock and it was a bit much.

While that is not the norm, I would still like to hear your ideas (or see pics) on how you organize your boat dock I as am going to put something in place.

I'm not looking at permanent storage - just a way to get things off the ground while we're skiing and hanging out.
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    Do you have a picture of your dock space? Most of the ski clubs I have been to have a railing with pegs can work to hold the skis vertically and also can be used to hang ropes, vests, etc over. I have also seen horizontal A frame style but I don't like that as much as whoever is on bottom has everyone's wet gear dripping down on theirs.

    FYI there is a Connelly ad to the left as I type this that is the vertical storage that I am thinking of.
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    If you have a boat dock- our solution is to build a mezzanine - you can do this inside a regular boat lift too where inside of the canopy you can put across a mesh trampoline style holder and stuff everything up there.

    I extended our boat lift covers up a foot to have more overhead room and added side skirts.

    The other thing is just to have people stage in a backwards order where the first skier puts stuff towards the start of the dock, picks their crap up and brings it forwards. That way the last skier to arrive puts their stuff at the end and everything moves away from your start point.
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    @The_MS You guys have a brilliant rack system on your starting dock. Please post a picture.
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    I will get down there and snap a pic
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    I wish I had a picture of our dock, we used two support beams and built a rack between for the skis to stand, I think it held 16 skis total, and then we had a bar above that vests could hang on.

    for ropes, we used hooks, like you would find for hanging a bike. just screwed them into support beams, would work good for vests to, since they are thicker, and not like trying to hang on a nail like so many people used to do.
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    Zoom in on the second ski on the right below ….. you’ll see the notch cut out in the railing

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    @Mrs_MS reminds me of Acapulco
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    @Mrs_MS that ski looks like the super extra Wide ride. Is that @The_MS new ski?
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    Idk whose ski that is but mine is the one on the end in pink. This was a few years ago at a tournament. That ski long gone.
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    The rail at Ski Watch should be the norm. It’s perfect. Any idea who made it? I’m curious about the process and the routing. My ski is missing from that one but my old ski partner’s is there, so I’m pretty sure that’s 2014-ish. I broke my leg Wednesday morning trying to get ready for that tournament
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    @Mrs_MS and I had N1s at that time. Hers has the US gear handle hanging on it
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    There are notches on the bottom for the tails of the skis to rest in. The upper rail had the slots cut to hold the skis in so they don’t fall down.
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    I will try to get that info 👍
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    Skiwatch has a really cool start area just off that pic, too, with a platform from a ski boat mounted just above water level.
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    I love their tall towers for judging as well. Very sturdy, great view.
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    Skis are less wide than long so to conserve dock surface space and utilize air space they should be tips to the sky like @Mrs_MS photo.

    Just had a thought that a simple upside down T made from dowel rods mounted on a top rail above the skis could be used to slip a jacket and rope/handle, and gloves attach to the ski jacket or handle. The T would have to be wide enough so a jacket’s shoulders would rest on it. May need to be turned sideways as the jackets are much wider than skis.

    Whatever you come up be sure to post a pic.
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